Foursquare Lets You Tag Facebook Friends, Even If They Don't Use Foursquare

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On Monday, Foursquare updated their apps with a new rating system for locations. Now, when you find a business using the explore feature, it will have a number rating (from 1-10) attached. According to the company, this type of rating is determined through various signals including tips, likes, popularity, loyalty, and more. They say that it's a much better rating method than star ratings, which appear on many other local search services.

Today, they're announcing another feature that shipped with that update. Now, you can tag Facebook friends in your check-in updates even if they aren't on Foursquare using the "add friend" icon at the bottom left corner of the text box.

"With Monday’s iOS update, you can now mention Facebook friends who aren’t on Foursquare in your check-ins. Just tap the add friend icon when you’re checking in and scroll down to find them. Your friends will get a notification on Facebook, and will be tagged in the Facebook post if you choose to share it there," says Foursquare.

This function is currently only available on iOS, but Foursquare says that the Android update is on its way.

Foursquare has been busy retooling the user experience to go "beyond the check-in" and to cater to non-members. Last month they opened up's explore feature to non-users, and last week they debuted that functionality on mobile.

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