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Taco Bell Reacts to Employee Who Licked Tacos

Earlier today, the internet went a bit crazy over an image of a Taco Bell employee licking a huge stack of taco shells. The image was posted to the Taco Bell Facebook page by a poster named Jj O’Brien Nolan, who criticized the restaurant for its employees and food preparation standards. As Taco Bell is one of the more actove …

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Russian Flash Mobs Are The Best Flash Mobs

It’s something that’s gained notoriety on the web in the past several years; someone organizes a “flash mob” to meet up at a certain time and place and impress a crowd of onlookers with their random outburst of dancing and/or singing. They’re all the rage these days, and it seems like there’s a new one every week. But I think …

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Taco Cloud Truly Is The Future Of Computing

It was revealed recently that a lot of Americans don’t truly grasp what the Cloud is yet. In fact, some of them even believe that it can be disrupted by stormy weather. I blame the ignorance on a tech sector that does little to make the Cloud matter in our everyday lives. Thankfully, somebody has heard that call and has …

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