Taco Cloud Truly Is The Future Of Computing

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It was revealed recently that a lot of Americans don't truly grasp what the Cloud is yet. In fact, some of them even believe that it can be disrupted by stormy weather. I blame the ignorance on a tech sector that does little to make the Cloud matter in our everyday lives. Thankfully, somebody has heard that call and has come up with the perfect solution to get America invested in Cloud computing.

Say hello to Taco Cloud, a new service that can beam tacos straight to your microwave. It's hard to describe the technical magic at work here so I'll just let the creators do it for me:

Taco Cloud takes your microwave to the next level by allowing Taco Vendors to upload their Tacos to the Cloud. The Tacos are then indexed by a complex taco algorithm and consumers can then search and buy their favorite tacos at the click of a button. Taco Cloud takes a small percentage of the transaction and charges Taco Vendors disposal fee for tacos that don’t sell. The Taco Storage Device is FDA approved and cleaned out once a week as the FDA recommends that a Taco’s shelf live not exceed a week.

In all reality, Taco Cloud is a lot like Taco Copter. These are obviously fake products, but they serve an important purpose. It helps people to better understand what the Cloud is capable of. Replace the taco with 1GB of documents. You have a service that can transfer large files that were impossible to send over email thanks to Cloud storage.

Even if Taco Cloud isn't real, I do hope that technology can advance enough to achieve these kind of results one day. Particle disassembly and reassembly shouldn't be that hard. I think that America would owe whoever truly invents the Taco Cloud first a debt of thanks.

[h/t: Reddit]

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