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Twitter’s Promoted Tweets Get Syndicated

Twitter just announced Promoted Tweet syndication, which sees the company showing its ads outside of Twitter. This is starting with Flipboard and Yahoo Japan. There’s no question that Internet users experience Twitter in many places beyond Twitter itself, so it make sense that Twitter would try to apply that to Promoted Tweets. “What makes Twitter unique is that Tweets can …

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Seinfeld on Netflix? Jerry Seinfeld Says ‘Conversations Are Presently Taking Place’

Could you one day be able to stream every episode of the ‘show about nothing’ on Netflix? Probably not. Well, who knows? Maybe? Jerry Seinfeld says it’s at least a remote possibility. “Jerry, any word on Seinfeld coming to Netflix?” asked a redditor during a Thursday AMA session with Seinfeld. “You are a very smart and progressive person. These conversations …

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Pluck 5.1 Goes Live, Adds Pinterest Integration

If you run a business or a successful brand, chances are you use social media to get the word out about newest products and offers. There are multiple services out there that help brands get the most out of social media. Facebook just recently announced its rebranded Preferred Marketing Developer program, but some brands may want help in marketing across …

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An “All Simpsons” Television Station?

Would you welcome an “all The Simpsons, all the time” channel into your life? Whatever your reaction, it may be time to make room for such a venture, provided the guys at Fox can demonstrate how much extra revenue such a creation could generate. Because The Simpsons is the longest-running scripted sitcom, animated or otherwise, of all time, the possesses …

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Demand Media Adds Blog Syndication to its Content Arsenal

Here at BlogWorld, Demand Media launched the Demand Media Blog Network, to syndicate bloggers’ content across Demand’s own properties like eHow and, as well as the company’s Content Channels partner sites.

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Major News Organizations Aim to Establish Syndication Guidelines

Some major news organizations that make up the Internet Content Syndication Council are reportedly working on some guidelines for content syndication for their own collective membership, while providing an example for others to go by.

The council includes the Associated Press, Reuters, CBS, The Tribune Company, and many others. Here’s the full list of companies represented:

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