Swastika Articles

Raelians Fly Swastika Over South New Jersey Beach
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Some people baffle me sometimes even though they have the best of intentions. This past weekend that exact thing took place off the coast of southern New Jersey. A group known as the International Raelian Movement flew a plane towing …

Swastika A Google Hot Trend?
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While perusing Google’s Hot Trends list yesterday, you might have noticed something out of place: a swastika symbol.

It was out of place for a few reasons. 1.) Obviously, the swastika is now (and perhaps forever) associated with reviled Nazism. 2.) Ironically, its origins are rooted in Jainism, which emphasizes equality and protection of all life—even bugs. 3.) There’s no swastika key on anybody’s Roman-lettered keyboard, unless specially made for skinheads.