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Super Bowl Ads 2015: Emotional Roller Coaster

The Super Bowl ads in 2015 seemed to envoke more emotional ups and downs than in previous years. I could be wrong, but it sure did feel that way. Super Bowl ads traditionally hold a position of extreme importance on game day. Millions of people watched the Super Bowl ads in 2015. The Super Bowl attracts all football fans, whether …

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YouTube Names Ad Blitz Winners, ‘Puppy Love’ Takes Top Spot

While most of the world has long since moved on, YouTube has finally announced the winners of its 2014 Ad Blitz, ranking users’ favorite Super Bowl commercials. It’ no surprise, but Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” took the top spot. It’s currently up to over 47 million views. Coca Cola’s “America the Beautiful” commercial took second place. That one has over 10 …

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“Puppy Love” Ad Wins USA Today’s 26th Annual Ad Meter

If you are not into the Super Bowl for the football and competitive sportsmanship, you are probably watching the Super Bowl for the commercials. The Super Bowl’s commercials help make the yearly football championship game what it is, where various brands and companies spend millions of dollars and use unique humor, music, and talent to market their product to you. …

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GoDaddy’s Super Bowl Commercials Rank Near The Bottom

We’ve covered the USAToday Super Bowl admeter at WebProNews, and now that the Super Bowl is over and all the commercials have been shown, you get to see it in action. While the admeter for Super Bowl 46 shows Doritos and Bud Light performed well, the one-time king of salacious Super Bowl commercials may have seen their time come to …

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Volkswagen Debuts Another Star Wars Super Bowl Commercial

Last year, Volkswagen treated us with perhaps the best commercial of 2011. Yes, I’m talking about the Darth Vader kid trying to use the Force to start his father’s Passat. Last year’s commercial was so incredibly popular, its YouTube posting has received almost 50 million views. With that in mind, it only makes sense that Volkswagen keeps with the Star …

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