"Puppy Love" Ad Wins USA Today's 26th Annual Ad Meter

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If you are not into the Super Bowl for the football and competitive sportsmanship, you are probably watching the Super Bowl for the commercials. The Super Bowl's commercials help make the yearly football championship game what it is, where various brands and companies spend millions of dollars and use unique humor, music, and talent to market their product to you. With the Super Bowl commercials being such an integral part in the Super Bowl, each year, the Gannett newspaper USA Today compiles a list of the best-loved ads during the Super Bowl and ranks them on their well-known "Ad Meter."

According to NPR, the winner of the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII ad meter is "Puppy Love" from Budweiser. "Puppy Love" is a commercial that aired toward the end of the game, and highlights a Golden Retriever puppy's relationship with a Clydesdale, and the puppy's return back to see his Clydesdale friend after he leaves for adoption. The acoustic hit "Let Her Go" from British folk-rock band Passenger plays in the background during the duration of the commercial.

USA Today's Bruce Horowitz describes the functionality of the paper's "Ad Meter" below:

"For the 26th consecutive year, USA TODAY's Ad Meter reached out to consumers to vote for their favorite Super Bowl commercials. This online audience of 6,272 preregistered panelists voted from across the country. The game featured nearly 50 commercials that cost advertisers a record $4 million per 30-second slot for airtime on the Fox telecast, which was expected to be watched by up to 110 million viewers."

With the "Puppy Love" commercial winning over the hearts of various Super Bowl XLVIII viewers, the "Puppy Love" Budweiser puppy now has his own Twitter account, which actually has been active for quite a while:

The "Puppy Love" commercial from Budweiser was not the first to model their staple mascot, the Clydesdales. According to KVOA, Clydesdales first appeared in the Budweiser commercial during the 1986 Super Bowl, and "Puppy Love" is a great way to help display their mascot again.

Various Twitter users have left their reaction to the heartwarming commercial from Budweiser below:

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