GoDaddy's Super Bowl Commercials Rank Near The Bottom

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We've covered the USAToday Super Bowl admeter at WebProNews, and now that the Super Bowl is over and all the commercials have been shown, you get to see it in action.

While the admeter for Super Bowl 46 shows Doritos and Bud Light performed well, the one-time king of salacious Super Bowl commercials may have seen their time come to an end. That's right, both of GoDaddy's commercials for this year's big game rank near (or at) the bottom according to viewers.

Apparently, the days of Candice Michelle wooing people with her "wardrobe malfuction" are over. As you can see:

GoDaddy Rankings

Either GoDaddy needs to start fresh with new faces and a new approach, or they haven't gotten over the anti-SOPA backlash from January. Considering the fact that the commercials just weren't that entertaining or titillating, I doubt SOPA had anything to do with the reception. Here are the commercials in question, just in case they escaped your view last night. First, the body painting:

Their second goes by "The Cloud," and, well, "underwhelming" is a good word:

There's an extended version of the second commercial, just in case you want to see if it continues to underwhelm. It's a sad day when the "sex sells" motto is completely and utterly disproved.

Does GoDaddy's failure with their latest round of Super Bowl commercials mean this is the end of trying to create sexual tension between viewers and Danica Patrick is at an end or is there still room for titillation, as long as the quality of the commercial lives up to the hype? Or is this a simple case of GoDaddy backlash?

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