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Netflix Price Hike Opens the Door for Blockbuster – According to Blockbuster Netflix Price Hike Opens the Door for Blockbuster – According to Blockbuster
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As the fallout continues from Netflix’s decision to split up its streaming and DVD services and charge more for DVDs, many are wondering if and how that anger will translate into losses for the company. Sure, people are outraged, that …

Netflix Raises Prices, What’s Next For Users? Netflix Raises Prices, What’s Next For Users?
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Today, Netflix dropped the bomb that it was doing away with its unlimited streaming / DVD combo plan in favor of separate plans for each service. Users (myself included) that want unlimited streaming options as well as 1-DVD-at-a-time rental enjoy …

Glenn Beck’s Final Show on Fox Marks Transition to the Internet Glenn Beck’s Final Show on Fox Marks Transition to the Internet

At 5 p.m. EST today, controversial commentator Glenn Beck will host his final episode of The Glenn Beck Show on Fox News. For Beck, this not only signals and end to an era, but also the beginning of a new …

Playboy Puts Every Issue Online, Optimized for iPad Playboy Puts Every Issue Online, Optimized for iPad
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Well gee-golly, ain’t that something! Today, Playboy Enterprises has launched i.Playboy.com, a site that gives you access to every page from every issue of Playboy ever published. That sure is a lot of…articles. Here’s the scope of what we are …

Thoughts on Apple Subscriptions and Google OnePass from President of the Online Publishers Association

Over the past week, Apple announced its subscriptions plan for the App Store, following the model of "The Daily". Under the plan, publishers set the price and length of the subscription, users choose the length of the subscription and are charged based on how long they subscribe. Apple keeps 30% of the revenue.

Apple Subscriptions Raise Antitrust Questions

This week, Apple launched a subscription service for the app store. It enables all publishers of content-based apps (including magazines, newspapers, video, music, etc.) to follow the model of the recently launched The Daily from New Corp. 

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the service has raised concerns about antitrust, though neither Apple nor the Justice Department has commented on the matter. 

Online Subscriptions Driving Magazine Sales
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Online subscription will generate 24 percent of new business sales for magazines in 2010, according to a new report from the Magazine Publishers of America (MPA).

The percentage of subscriptions generated from the Internet has increased steadily since 2006:

Google Checkout Now Works for Subscriptions
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Google Checkout is now offering a way for users to sell subscriptions. This is a feature that has apparently been requested quite heavily.

"Merchants will now have the ability to sell products and services that require recurring billing using our API," explains Software Engineer Andrew Cunningham. "So if you’re already comfortable building your own carts using Checkout, you’re ready to implement Subscriptions by consulting the documentation."

AOL Suffers Embarrassing Third Quarter

When AOL laid off 2,000 people last month, some of them were understandably unhappy.  Those people are probably now feeling a bit of schadenfreude, however, because AOL isn’t doing at all well.

Google Reader Gives Up Its Numbers

Another tidbit of information about feeds on Google Reader emerged, showing how easy it is to find out how many Reader users have subscribed to a particular feed.

Tracking RSS Subscriptions with Google Analytics

One of the most frustrating things about RSS is not being able to track RSS subscription rates from source traffic.

There are other problems such as how people interact with your RSS content, but even being able to determine which sources of traffic result in subscribers would be a huge commercial advantage for bloggers, allowing them to focus their efforts on traffic generation strategies that will grow their business.

CBS Has Eye On Wireless Subscriptions

Breaking news and entertainment alerts from CBS and Entertainment Tonight provide up to five daily alerts that include text as well as matching pictures and video for compatible mobile phones.

Factiva Added To Yahoo! Search Subscriptions

The Sunnyvale-based portal and search company has added another source to its subscription search product.

Apple Sees One Million Podcast Subscriptions Happen

The devotees and the curious wasted little time in taking to their iTunes consoles and signing up for a variety of podcasts.

Yahoo Search Subscriptions Provides Glimpses Into Hidden Web

While search engines may have mapped a large portion of the content found on the hidden web (content is considered hidden because users normally have to pay to see it), bringing this information to users is usually not allowed. The bulk of the content found in the hidden web is usually reserved for paying subscribers, hence the moniker. Unless you pay the subscription fee, the content remains hidden from the average users’ eyes.

Yahoo Probes Deep Web

A new service debuting late Wednesday night lets users search through various subscription services.

Microsoft Might Go Into Music Subscriptions: Maybe!

Microsoft unequivocally announced they might go into the music subscription service. The definitive statement from the soft leviathan chased down the stock prices for other companies already in the subscription music business like Yahoo and Real.

CDs, Visual Memory, and Digital Music Subscriptions

While waiting for someone to show up to a meeting, a few of us were chatting about music. Greg was playing a selection from his “music that’d scare you about the rest of my music collection” (or something like that).

Apple iTunes Subscriptions Rumored

Merrill Lynch analyst speculates on the potential for Apple to add another feature to iTunes in response to Yahoo Music.

Yahoo To Keep Site Match

Paid inclusion in search engines is a concept that seems to be going the way of dodo. During this summer, MSN and Ask Jeeves/Teoma have decided to shelve their paid inclusion programs. However, as we learned during the interview Brittany and I conducted with Yahoo’s Ken Norton and Grace Chen, Yahoo has no intention of giving up these aspects of their search service.


NEW YORK (AdAge.com) — “Catfight,” the commercial created by WPP Group’s Ogilvy & Mather of New York for Miller Lite beer, has won the Advertising Women of New York’s “Grand Ugly” award as the piece of TV advertising that portrayed women in the most offensive manner during the past year.