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Student Loan Debt: More Parents Not Helping

Student Loan Debt is becoming more and more the responsibility of the student, and less that of the parents. According to a Discover student loan survey, only 52% of parents said they were going to help their kids pay for student loans. That’s down from 58% last year. This news comes as student loan debt is skyrocketing and one in …

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Elizabeth Warren Student Loan Bill Up for Senate Vote Wednesday

Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has been working on behalf of Americans with student loan debt since she took office in 2012. The first bill the freshman senator ever filed, back in May 2013, was designed to offer new, shockingly-low student loan interest rates at a time when, barring Congressional action, the rate on federally backed Stafford loans was set to double …

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Student Loan Default Protection May be Near

If your heart involuntarily jumps whenever you see “student loans” trending in the news with the hopes that well— maybe they’re finally ruling them away somehow… Democratic senators Dick Durbin, Jack Reed, Elizabeth Warren and Barbara Boxer may soon become your new best friends. By this time, everyone knows about America’s trouble with student loan debt. If you are not …

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Student Loans With Fixed Rates Could Help Lenders

The Fitch Group announced this week that it believes fixed-rate private student loans just might be the answer to kick-starting the loan industry. The company, though, does temper this advice with the warning that competition from variable-rate private loans and fixed-rate government loans could be a stumbling block. The Fitch Group is one of the “big three” credit rating agencies …

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Hansen Clarke: Congressman Introduces The Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012

Student loan forgiveness is a hot button issue in America right now and there are many voices on each side. One side believes that given the state of the economy and the vanishing of middle class job opportunities, we need to shift towards a more forgiving approach such as loan forgiveness or Income Based Repayment (IBR). On the other side …

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