London Underground Workers Go On 48-Hour Strike

London Underground Workers Go On 48-Hour Strike

By Val Powell April 29, 2014

Workers of the London Underground (LU) went on a strike, which began at 9pm on April 28 and will last for 48 hours. The strike was done in protest of the plans to close the Tube’s ticket offices. The closure …

iPhone 5 Production Leads To Strike At Foxconn iPhone 5 Production Leads To Strike At Foxconn
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Last month, a riot broke out at Foxconn’s Tiayuan facility over the alleged beating of a worker. The riot ended with 40 injuries and several arrests. At a different factory, the workers have went on strike to protest the unfair …

AT&T May See Union Strike This Weekend AT&T May See Union Strike This Weekend

AT&T may be facing a strike of around 40,000 employees if they do not come to terms with unions before their contract ends this weekend, Bloomberg is reporting. The issues at stake include health-care benefits and vacation time. At the …

Viagra Strike to Create Penis Fails Viagra Strike to Create Penis Fails

Some Italians will have difficulty copulating if the government fails to appease hospital pharmacists. Professionals in the field are threatening to go on strike if Premier Mario Monti’s economic liberalization plan continues. The plan is viewed as unfair by the …

Coming in April: No Sex for Anyone Coming in April: No Sex for Anyone


At around 400 BC, Greek women withheld sex to force their husbands to end the Peloponnesian war. At least that’s the story from Lysistrata, the play by Aristophanes about these events. Fast forward to the 2000’s and you see this …

StarTrek.com Team Fired; Reorg Cited

Four days after participating in "Star Trek Day" on the Writers Guild of America’s picket lines at Paramount, the StarTrek.com production team received its walking papers from CBS Interactive.

Writers’ Strike, Internet, May Remake Hollywood
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Imagine a return to moviemaking where storytelling as a craft mattered most, and a writer with a dream and some financial backing could do what once required a studio to accomplish.

The Writers Strike And The Future Of The Net

The Writers Guild of America strike has been an interesting debacle to watch, complete with a host of issues the public might not have thought of before. The inevitable convergence of the Internet and TV is one of them; the continued homogenization of American culture is another.

Writers Ding Viacom Over Google Lawsuit

Even though Hollywood executives claim this Internet thing is too new for them to figure out how much they can cut out of it for writers, the scribes pointed out Viacom seems to have an idea.

Hollywood Writers Strike For Internet Dollars
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Film and TV writers are striking for the first time in almost twenty years after the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers were unable to reach an agreement.

Microsoft, LGE Strike Patent Deal

Microsoft and LG Electronics (LGE) have entered into a patent cross-license agreement to develop the companie’s current and future product lines.

IdeaStorm – Will Lightning Strike?

I think it’s great that Dell has come out with IdeaStorm, a suggestion site inspired by Digg (and that inspiration is explicily admitted on the site, unlike Yahoo’s recently launched suggestion sites, which caused such a ruckus because they were supposedly a “ripoff” of Digg). And like Rob Hyndman, I think the name is great too.

Sun and Avnet Strike Distribution Deal

Sun Microsystems and Avnet Technology Solutions announced a distribution agreement to offer the complete line of Sun StorageTek products to Avnet partners. Such an announcement has been expected since Sun acquired StorageTek last year.

Blogger Calls For Pre-emptive Strike On BS

BS is an abbreviation for BellSouth, whose chief technical officer Bill Smith told the media his firm has taken the call for multi-tiered Internet connectivity to the big Internet players; Jeff Pulver suggests the online powers-that-be hit BellSouth first, but it won’t happen for one simple reason: money.

COSATU Strike Underway in South Africa

South African workers are going on a one-day strike today as called by the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) to demand the protection of textile and mining jobs.

Game Makers Face Voice Actor Strike

Though optimistic, game makers working with the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists have not made progress in contract talks.

Can United and Its Labor Unions Negotiate to Prevent a Strike?

United Airlines has been planning to cut $9.9 billion in pension accounts which has angered its labor unions. If the cuts go through, the unions said that they will strike.