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Google Street View Comes To Russia, Captures Period Actors At Peterhof Google Street View Comes To Russia, Captures Period Actors At Peterhof
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Здравствуйте, Google Street View! Yesterday Google announced the addition of two Russian cities, St. Petersburg and Moscow, to the Street View experience via their Lat Long Blog. As vast as Russia is, it’s my hope that Street View will continue …

Cape Town Wineries Get A Stunning Google Street View Treatment Cape Town Wineries Get A Stunning Google Street View Treatment
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If you’re one of the many who were inspired by the film Sideways and, upon watching it, took to the vineyards in order to commence the next affected stage of your life as a pretend wine snob, Google has got …

Google Business Photos: Street View For Small Businesses Google Business Photos: Street View For Small Businesses
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If you’re a small business owner looking for a creative way to attract potential customers inside your store, Google wants you to think outside of the box: let them visit your store without even traveling to your store. It sounds …

Google Street View Adventure Google Street View Adventure

Last week, my wife went bargain shopping at a local “Peddler’s Mall”-type resale spot. In one of the booths she spotted a really nice leather bag. She had been on my case to stop carrying what she called my “man …

College Campuses Get The Google Street View Treatment College Campuses Get The Google Street View Treatment
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Google’s been stirring the Maps pot with two busy hands lately. First they gave us indoor maps of airports and malls, then they mapped the CES convention center, and then they mapped out the labyrinthine hotels of Las Vegas for …

Google’s Street View Cars Said to Have Collected Phone, PC Locations Google’s Street View Cars Said to Have Collected Phone, PC Locations

I’m sure you recall when Google came clean about collecting Wi-Fi network data with its Street View cars back in May of 2010. “It’s now clear that we have been mistakenly collecting samples of payload data from open (i.e. non-password-protected) …

Google Loses Swiss Street View Case Google Loses Swiss Street View Case
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The way Google’s Street View program operates in Switzerland may soon change in dramatic fashion.  A Swiss court has ordered that (among other things) Google must ensure all faces and license plates are unrecognizable, even if that means employees have …

Google Updates Street View Images In France And Italy

Google said today it has added new Street View imagery to historic sites in Italy and France. Along with seeing the exterior of archaeological sites like the Imperial Forum and the Colosseum in Rome, Street View has added interior views …

Google Street View Okayed By German Court
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German citizens may soon have the opportunity to wave at (or dodge) many more cars sporting 15 camera lenses.  In a big win for Google, a Berlin court has ruled that the Street View program doesn’t break any of Germany’s …

France Fines Google $142,000 Over Street View Data
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When Google admitted that its Street View cars had recorded sensitive data sent over WiFi networks, there were many different reactions.  UK authorities more or less brushed off the incident, for example, while Korean police raided Google’s offices.  And now …

Google Announces Street View Update
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Late last night, Google announced via Twitter an update to their popular Street View site. @googleA GooglerWe’ve updated our Street View site http://maps.google.com/streetview – enjoy exploring places around the world (via @googlemaps) 15 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto The …

TripAdvisor Adds Street View To iPad App

TripAdvisor has added a new virtual tours feature to its iPad app using augmented reality technology.

The new feature allows users to take a virtual tour to travel destinations with local places superimposed over Google’s Street View. Users can view hotels, restaurants and other attractions.

Israeli Leaders Set To Evaluate Street View

The advantages of Google’s Street View program, which critics have sometimes said invades privacy and aids burglars, will now be weighed against the security demands of one of the world’s most well-protected countries.  Israeli authorities should soon decide whether or not to let Google take pictures of their two biggest cities.

Google Launches Art Project Featuring Street View

Google has partnered with some of the world’s most well known art museums to bring the works of more than 400 artists online.

Connecticut AG Declines To Take Google To Court
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Google’s decision to ignore a Civil Investigative Demand issued by Richard Blumenthal may work out all right for the company.  New Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen and Consumer Protection Commissioner Jerry Farrell have reached an agreement with Google that should keep the matter from going to court.

South Korean Police Find Google Violated Privacy Laws
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Five months ago, local police officers raided Google’s offices in South Korea, and what they found may cause quite a lot of trouble for the company.  A police report’s indicated that Google illegally collected private data with its Street View cars, and criminal charges could result.

Google Misses AG’s Street View Deadline

The corporate world tends to slow down this time of year; people take time off, offices close, and product announcements are delayed.  A dispute between Google and the Connecticut Attorney General over Street View is escalating, however, and it looks like some lawyers might be called into action as a result.

Google Maps Introduces Holiday Email Cards

Google has introduced a new feature that allows people to create and personalize their own holiday greeting cards and send them to others via email.




New Zealand Concludes Street View Investigation

The lawyers responsible for handling Google’s affairs in New Zealand may finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief.  The Privacy Commissioner of New Zealand announced today that she’s concluded her investigation into the Street View data collection debacle, and Google will not face any fines or significant penalties.

That’s not to say the search giant’s off the hook in every respect; from now on, it’s supposed to work more closely with Privacy Commissioner Marie Shroff, and she gave the company a bit of a reprimand in a formal statement.

CT AG Hits Google With Civil Investigative Demand
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The tension over Google’s collection of sensitive WiFi data has risen again.  Today, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal issued a civil investigative demand requiring that Google share the information gathered by its Street View cars.

Blumenthal defined the demand as being the equivalent of a subpoena, meaning Google should have little choice but to comply.  It’s supposed to do so in the near future, too, as Blumenthal’s only given the company until December 17th to obey.

Google Street View Adds Images Of Romania
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Armchair explorers with nice monitors should be glad to know that another portion of central Europe is now accessible through Street View.  This afternoon, Google announced that photos of Romania have gone live, and there are definitely some impressive sights to see.