Google Street View: The Swiss Alps Via Train


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This past week has really been a no-car moment for Google Maps and Street View. First they ditched the Street View car and fixed their trike to a dinghy in order to canvas the Amazon, then they hit the pavement for a walking view of different sites across Japan to capture the bloom of sakura season, and now they've rolled the trike atop a car hitched to a Rhaetian Railway train to capture some one-of-a-kind scenery of the Swiss Alps.

Covering over 75 miles of the UNESCO World Heritage Albula/Bernina line, Google Maps has compiled collections of assorted views along the railway, like what you see in the view below as the train passes Lago Bianco at Thusis, Switzerland.

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Trains offer a peculiar scenery because the stretches of land you see aren't really accessible via car or foot - well, I guess you could get there by foot but you better eat your Wheaties before you head out. It may just be easier for you to enjoy the train's-eye-view via the Street View collection that Google Maps has put together.

Given that the trike was riding on the front train car and elevated by the makeshift bicycle-dolly hybrid the Google Maps team have for pushing it around, you have to wonder if there was a collective gasp of fear as the train went into the Ruegna-Tunnel.

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Here's a video Google Maps put together that shows how the team put together the image collection.