Google Maps Adds Street View To Poland; Adds Warsaw, Cracow

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As a boon for travelers, you cannot deny that Google Maps has become a great companion for preparing for trips. They've made a habit of waving their Street View wand at parts of the world expecting loads of tourists and ensure that the city (or country) in question has a reliable street-level map. The latest country to get that top-notch preparation Poland, which will host the 2012 European Football Championship later this year.

According to an update on the Lat Long Blog, Poland's largest and second-largest cities, Warsaw and Cracow, respectively, got the Street View treatment and now boast beautiful street-level panoramas. Google has good foreknowledge of weather conditions as both of the cities have photos showing off their best offerings on some spectacular days. In the Warsaw Street View, here's a visit over to the Presidential Palace. Oddly, while the city is the 10th most populous city in Europe, there really doesn't seem to be anybody interested in checking out the Palace.

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Over in Cracow, one guy was really excited about spotting the Google Street View car (or else he's just generally excited about being in Cracow, but I can't say I wouldn't feel the same way).

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One fun bit of eye trivia you'll find is in front of St. Mary's Basilica in Main Market Square. Rather than ask why there is some sad looking clown hanging around in front of the cathedral, I prefer to ask, "Why not?"

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