Israeli Leaders Set To Evaluate Street View


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The advantages of Google's Street View program, which critics have sometimes said invades privacy and aids burglars, will now be weighed against the security demands of one of the world's most well-protected countries.  Israeli authorities should soon decide whether or not to let Google take pictures of their two biggest cities.

Ayala Tsoref and Zvi Zrahiya reported earlier today, "A ministerial task force has been appointed to decide whether to allow Google to photograph streets in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as part of its Street View service."

Then the pair continued, "The panel, which will start work next week, will decide where to permit the service in view of the security issues it raises.  The concern is that terrorist organizations could use Street View to help them plan attacks against Israeli leaders or public figures."

GoogleIf Google's given the green light, this will represent a huge victory for the company. Other countries should find it difficult to protest Street View if Israel, with all the problems it faces, is able to accommodate it.

Also, for the same reason, partial censorship or a complete refusal wouldn't be a big deal.  A nation with more serious security concerns than Israel is probably a place where Street View drivers wouldn't be safe, anyway.

It should be interesting to see how this matter plays out.