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Stewart Downing Misses Penalty, Gets Drilled on Twitter

The last time I wrote about Stewart Downing, I was the one who got taken to task by the readers, but then again, Downing hadn’t yet missed a penalty against Chelsea. Now that he has–check out the lead video–the Twitterverse is out in force, reminding Liverpool’s management team just how much support Downing really has. Which is to say, not …

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Fake YouTube Video Leads to Multi-Million Dollar Soccer Transfer

What can a fake YouTube video do for you? Well, if you’re name is Stewart Downing, a moderately-talented soccer player for Liverpool, it can turn a decent paycheck into an absolute gold mine. The story, which was seen over at, goes something like this: Before he transferred to Liverpool, Downing’s previous club, Aston Villa, made a viral video of …

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