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Square Cash Gets Business-Friendly With ‘$Cashtags’

Square announced the launch of Square Cash for businesses in the U.S. Until now, the product has only been available to individuals. The company appears to be trying to kill checks, and so far, it’s made a pretty big splash in peer-to-peer payments. Square Cash only launched in late 2013, and it is already processing over a billion dollars a …

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Square Cash Adds Ability To Text Money To People

Square introduced Square Cash last fall, enabling people to send money to one another using a simple email. Now, you can also send money by texting. The company announced today that it has released an update to the mobile app versions (Android and iOS) that lets you make a payment with a text message. “The update adds the ability to …

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Already Handling Millions Of Dollars Per Week, Square Cash Now Lets You Request Money By Email

Square launched Square Cash last fall as a simple way to send money to people via email. All you have to do is send the recipient an email with the amount in the subject line and Cc: cash@square.com. As mentioned at the time, Google had previously launched its own way of sending money by email with Gmail and Google Wallet, …

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Time To Start Letting Customers Pay You By Email?

There is a lot of innovation happening in the payments space, and the competition is heating up at a greater place than ever before. New products from PayPal and Amazon show great potential, and Google continues to expand its Wallet offering. Even Facebook has aspirations of making a mark in the space, but today, I want to talk about a …

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Square Cash Offers Ridiculously Easy (and Free) Money Transfers via Email

Back in May, mobile payments company Square teased Square Cash – free money transfers via email. At the time, it was an invitation-only service. “Forget the ATM,” said Square. Well, today’s the day – Square Cash is now live for all U.S. debit card holders. Square Cash offers free (yeah, free) money transfers via email with no account signup – …

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Square Teases Square Cash, Money Transfers via Email

“Forget the ATM.” That’s the brief message that Square is displaying on a new page for Square Cash. It looks like Square is about launch a new money transfer feature. “Square Cash is the easiest way to send money to anyone, using just email and your debit card,” says Square on the Square Cash about page. Square explains the simple …

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