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New iPad For Sprint Release May Be On The Way

The new iPad may be coming to Sprint, so if you’ve been on Sprint and have been wanting the device since it was unveiled on Wednesday, I hope you haven’t already voided your contract. Engadget, citing an anonymous source, is showing what is reportedly a look at Best Buy’s inventory database, which shows: “Sprint iPad New” a whole bunch of …

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Reddit Hosting Sprint To Fix Their API At PyCon 2012

Reddit wants you to join them at PyCon 2012. What is PyCon? Read on to find out. Reddit, as defined by them in a blog post, is “a bit unique.” I would use other adjectives to describe the Web site, but I can’t argue that unique is a good term for them as well. My definition, however, relates to the …

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iPhone Sales Hurt By Lack Of Carrier Subsidies

Anyone who has ever tried to buy a contract-free iPhone has first-hand experience with how heavily Apple relies on carrier subsidies to sell its phones. The price difference, usually in the neighborhood of several hundred dollars, is made up for by the contract users purchase with their phones. For customers in the United States, this process brings the iPhone into …

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Is The iPhone Killing Wireless Carriers?

With all those iPhones sold last year, surely the wireless carriers are doing great, right? Turns out the iPhone is what’s hurting carriers the most. CNN reports that due to the heavy discounts applied to the iPhone by carriers, sales of the device destroy their bottom lines. Take for instance Verizon, the wireless company that started selling the iPhone in …

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Over A Third Of iPhone Buyers Switched From Android, BlackBerry

The iPhone 4S launch in October was met with high level of demand that has become customary for the launch of new Apple products. Of course, not all of those people lining up for new iPhones are current iPhone users, raising the question of where they all come from. Consumer Intelligence Research Partners has released a study today that sheds …

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Carrier IQ To Be Removed From Sprint Phones This Month

Carrier IQ is back in the news today with reports that Sprint and HTC are planning to remove the software from their phones. Firmware updates will begin rolling out this month that will remove the software from Sprint’s Android-based phones. A public statement from HTC confirms that they are “working with Spring to provide maintenance releases that will remove Carrier …

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