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Vonage, Sprint Cool With Patent Settlement

Vonage’s infringement on six Sprint patents has yielded a lucrative payday for Sprint.

Gphone Enroute? What About The Network?

Lots of sites have been chattering about the potential for a Google branded handset emerging in the market, but the real news will be when the company lights up a wireless network to support it.

Google Phone Rings Up Mobile OS Rumors

The latest edition of the Google phone, or gPhone or GPhone, chatter contends the search advertising company has a mobile operating system ready to launch.

Google, Sprint Enter WiMAX Agreement

WiMAX is going to get a big boost – Sprint and Google just announced that they intend to create a wireless portal using the technology.  There’s no word on when this will launch, but other details were surprisingly numerous.

Sprint Cuts Download Prices, AT&T Hooks up w/ Napster

The announcement derby in the music space shifts to Florida this week and mobile conference CITA Wireless. Even prior to today’s opening the press releases are flying.

Mobile Convergence And The Consumer

According to Parks Associates, U.S. consumers have a favorable opinion of convergence in mobile devices. The marketing research and consulting firm reports that 41 percent of U.S. households own a camera phone and 21 percent own an MP3 music phone.

The company is launching a new consumer survey Mobile Entertainment: Platforms and Services to examine consumer interest in mobile service and platform convergence. They will also study future trends in usage and purchase patterns.

Vonage Awaiting Last Rites From Verizon Jury

A verdict is expected by tomorrow as to whether or not Vonage owes Verizon nearly $200 million in patent infringement penance, and almost $5 per customer in royalties. If so, Verizon blasts a very large hole in an already sinking ship.

Cell Phone Advertising is Taking the Leap

The next major competitive arena for advertisers is clearly cell phones and they seem to be leaping into the fray with enthusiasm.

Mobile Market Stymies Google?

Yahoo and Microsoft have both made advancements in the “mobile” market recently, but Google was nowhere to be seen. This has left some observers feeling a little baffled, and one even asked, “Is Google flubbing mobile search?”

Microsoft Providing Mobile Search Ads to Sprint

ClickZ reports Sprint has joined forces with Microsoft to display pay-per-call ads and search on its phones.

Microsoft, Sprint Enter “Holistic Relationship”

Strategic alliances seem to be all the rage these days. Yahoo and Vodafone (a telecommunications company that owns a big chunk of Verizon) formed one earlier this week, and now Microsoft has reached a similar agreement with Sprint. The companies plan to “drive new services” together, the first of which will be Windows Live search for mobile phones.

Sprint’s Botched Blogger Product Review

When Sprint sent an LG Fusic phone to a blogger in hopes he would write about it and Sprint’s new Power Vision Network, they may have understood the slight possibility he would write a negative review. But they probably didn’t expect 3,100 words (seven pages) about how much he hated both.

Dont send bloggers stuff for free unless its good

A lesson to corporate types: it’s good to catalyze conversations by sending out free stuff, but only if you’re pretty sure you’re already best of breed.

Sprint To Launch 4G WiMAX Network

Sprint Nextel announced a partnership with Intel, Motorola, and Samsung to develop and deploy the first fourth generation (4G) nationwide broadband mobile network, based on the mobile WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) IEEE 802.16e-2005 technology standard.

Sprint and InfoSpace Join Forces

According to Reuters, Sprint has joined forces with InfoSpace to offer a $2.99 a month service that combines positioning awareness technology with local search.

Sprint Launching Business-Mobility Podcasts

A contact from Sprint tipped us off about this one…

Sprint Brings Healthcare Info To Mobiles

A partnership with Global Care Quest lets Sprint deliver real-time medical information securely to intensive-care physicians via their mobile device.

Sprint Launches a P2P Passalong Campaign
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OK, a lot of the marketing buzz these days is about the Web, but Sprint is out to prove that you can still execute a really cool person-to-person marketing campaign in the physical world too.

Sprint Rolls Blog Influencer Feedback Program

Like Jeff Jarvis Sprint has offered me a Samsung SPH-A900 MP3 wireless phone plus six months of free service in return for my feedback.

Sprint Runs With Slim BlackBerry 7100i

The new mobile handset will be offered under the Nextel brand and offers a barrage of mobile features like email, GPS, and telephone applications.

Sprint Direct Dials Vonage Patent Attorneys
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The newly merged Sprint Nextel has filed suit against Vonage, accusing it of infringing on seven patents.