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HTC One-Two Punch: Bigger,Faster…More Everything

The “Quietly Brillant” brand has been steadily growing in popularity, providing some of the first large screen smartphones along with its unique technology. HTC’s One has sealed the deal to make it one of the top phones of last year, and according to CNet, it looks as if they have no plans to fall behind with their newest One dropping …

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Galaxy Note III to Have Full HD Screen [RUMOR]

With the success of its Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II products, Samsung proved that there are consumers hungering for ever-bigger screens. With the announcement of the Galaxy Note III expected soon, rumors about the device’s hardware have been flying for weeks now. Today’s Galaxy Note III rumor actually seems more plausible than most, and that’s because it comes from …

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Google Glass Specs Have Begun to Surface

Google Glass may still be a year away from hitting store shelves, but developers who shelled out $1,500 at last year’s Google I/O to pre-order the device have begun to get their prototype models. As industrious hackers begin getting units, every inch of the device will no doubt be cataloged soon enough. For now, consumers will have to settle for …

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Durango AKA Xbox 720 Specs Unveiled [Rumor]

The first half of the year before E3 is always full of rumors pertaining to what the major players in the gaming industry are going to show off. It’s a little different this year, however, as we have two new game consoles on the way from Sony and Microsoft. All the attention will be directed at the new hardware, and …

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