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Spanish Teacher Fired for Using the Word ‘Negro’

Talk about getting lost in translation. A Bronx teacher claims that she was fired for using the word “negro” in reference to a student. I must admit, it sounds reasonable at first – except for the fact that the teacher in question was teaching a lesson in Spanish. 65-year-old Petrona Smith, formerly a teacher at bilingual PS 211, says that …

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Google Adds Latin American Spanish Option to Calendar

Google has just announced that they are making Google Calendar much more friendly to Latin American Spanish speakers. Starting today, Google Calendar has a new Español (Latinoamérica) option. Spanish is spoken is much of the world, but the Spanish isn’t the same in every location. Google knows this, and has made a Spanish variant that better suits their Latin American …

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Etsy Launches In Spanish With Help From Former Craigslist/Yahoo Engineer

Etsy announced today that the site is launching in Spanish, which has been a long time coming from the sound of it. The company says it has had a high number of sellers who opened their shops from Spanish-speaking countries, though does not provide any specific numbers. Etsy also says there has been a steady increase in shipments to Spain …

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YouTube Says ‘Bienvenidos’ to Spanish Captions

It’s been three years since YouTube started providing captions for its video content, starting with English and eventually including Japanese and Korean. Today, the web’s top video site announced that it’s adding the first romance language to its collection of captioned languages: Spanish. Whenever you come across a video that is clearly in Spanish – and the software is smart …

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Go Daddy Launches Spanish Version Of Its Site

Go Daddy ya está disponible en español! You may not have understood that, but there’s a lot of internet users in the world that will. If you fell into the former category, here’s the sentiment: GoDaddy.com, the world’s largest provider of domain names, will now be available in Spanish. Located at es.GoDaddy.com, the español version of the site is aimed …

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