Jeb Bush Says 'I Apologize' To Donald Trump For Campaigning In Spanish

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Jeb Bush has released a campaign video in observance of Hispanic Heritage Month. The video, "Todos Somos Americanos" or "We are all Americans," features Bush speaking in Spanish and his Mexican-American wife, Columba Bush, speaking in English.

Jeb says in Spanish: "The United States of America is a great country. Thanks to the people that come from all over the world, contributing to our economy and community. To me, Hispanic culture is very important and positive."

He also said he is proud that his children and grandchildren are Hispanic. Columba, who is rarely seen in Jeb’s campaign activities said in English: "I have lived over half my life here. We all have the same interests, the same feelings."

Jeb’s campaign advisers are positive that his family’s ties with the Latino community will contribute a lot to his campaign.

Jeb highlights the importance of Hispanics in nation building and that they are part of the “American dream.” He then urged the people to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, a month-long celebration which marks the independence days of many Central American and South American countries.

The video is released despite rival, Donald Trump’s remarks on Jeb’s inclination to speak Spanish in his speeches, when addressing Spanish-language media and when answering questions from the Latino community.

Trump previously said Jeb should speak English while in the U.S. which Jeb finds disrespectful.

The former Florida governor, has a sarcastic response to Trump’s criticisms: "I'm going to campaign in the Latino communities and yes, Mr. Trump if I'm asked a question in Spanish, I might answer in Spanish," Jeb said, then adds "I apologize."

Jeb and Trump will face each other again on stage at the CNN Republican presidential debate that will be held on Wednesday at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

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