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Renewable Energy to Become Important For Mining Renewable Energy to Become Important For Mining

In a possible sign of what’s to come, new signals in the mining industry indicate that renewable energy amy soon power mining operations in many places across the world. Market research firm Navigant Research today issued a report showing that …

Family Of 4 Lives “Off The Grid” In Desert
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In the 60s and 70s many communes were formed for groups of “hippies” who no longer wanted to be in society. Many were nudist, others were love-ins, but one thing is for sure, the majority were completely “off the grid”. …

American Attitudes Toward Clean Energy Softening American Attitudes Toward Clean Energy Softening

As renewable and clean energies have begun to proliferate across the globe, consumer attitudes toward different energy types have been a bit unpredictable. In recent years, American opinions of new and different energy-generating technologies have been dropping slightly. Now, market …

US Navy Uses Technology To Improve Underwater Solar Collection

The capture and use of solar energy has never been about getting away from fossil fuels as much as it has been about harvesting that ever burning nuclear reactor we call the Sun. The problem we have always faced is …

Google Shines Solar Power On Homeowners Google Shines Solar Power On Homeowners
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Perhaps the “G” in “Google” should stand for “green” because it’s clear the company is a big supporter of the environmental movement. The Google Green site/FAQ is an obvious indicator of said support. More recently, news about one of Google’s …

eBay Announces Plans To Reduce Emissions
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eBay has announced its first greenhouse gas emissions reduction target, saying its committed to reduce emissions 15 percent by 2012, over a 2008 baseline.

eBay said it will reach its goal through an ongoing commitment to energy efficiency and conservation along with its continuing investment in renewable energy. It will promote more sustainable behavior tied to travel and personal energy use among its 15,000 employees.

Google’s Solar Panels Power Up
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Some time ago, Google announced that it would install a number of solar panels on the much-discussed Googleplex.  Those panels are now in place, on, and, according to the company, generating “an electricity output capable of powering approximately 1,000 average California homes.”