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StumbleUpon Can Get You Big Traffic and Lots of Links
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Facebook and Twitter have both been proven to be valuable sources of traffic to many sites, but another potential source that you might be overlooking is StumbleUpon. It is true that in the past, StumbleUpon has been presented as a traffic tool, but the results weren’t always what webmasters and marketers had hoped for.

Better Ad Targeting on Facebook with Keyword Suggestions
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Facebook has begun offering keyword suggestions for it’s ads. This could go a long way to help advertisers better target Facebook users.

When a user goes to create an ad on Facebook, they begin the process by designing the ad. Here they select the landing page, the ad copy, and an optional image. Then they are presented with the targeting section, which now features the keyword suggestions.

Marketing and Measuring Social Media
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Social media is huge.  That’s right; you heard it here first. Big news flash, huh? Everybody knows that anything ‘social’ is all the rage right now and it looks like it isn’t going to slow down anytime soon.  So, obviously, we all want to be ‘doing social’.. the problem is: what exactly does that entail? Beyond that, how do we answer the dreaded ‘what do we get out of it’ question to the accounting types?

Are You Optimizing Your Social Media Profile?
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Questions are frequently asked with regards to how social media and search engine rankings can be used together. In fact, I wrote an article on this subject a while back, in which I asked a few search engine marketing experts their thoughts about where social media fits into the SEO equation.

Do You Keep Your Social Media Profiles Separate?
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In some cases it may be wise to keep social network profiles separate from each other. What I mean by this is that business shouldn’t always be mixed with pleasure. I don’t mean this in the same way that the Wall Street Journal meant it however. Perhaps a better way to put it would be not all business should be mixed with all pleasure.

IAB Releases Social Advertising Best Practices
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The Interactive Advertising Bureau has released some new guidelines for social advertising best practices. The organization aims to define key elements of social advertising and showcase best practices for consumer control and privacy.

The document, which can be found here, includes:

Forums Are Relevant in Social Media Marketing
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I have long considered online forums to be an early form of what we now consider to be social networks. They’ve been around much longer than Facebook, Twitter and the rest, and have allowed users to create profiles and communicate with each other on the web.

YouTube Launches New Way for Brands to Engage Audience
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YouTube has just launched a new engagement product for YouTube Brand Channels called the YouTube Mosaic. What it does is present an image covering nearly the entire screen of a channel, and it is made up of colors and shapes from a bunch of individual videos.

"The idea is that users no longer just browse on a company’s channel, but they can also actively experience the brand in new and exciting ways, which could lead them to identify more strongly with it," Victoria Katsarou of YouTube Communications tells WebProNews.

Integrated Ads Through Social Media Apps
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appssavvy is a direct sales team for the social media space, and is able to get a first-hand look at the world of marketing through social media apps, a trend that is growing by the day. In fact, the company recently entered exclusive partnerships with six big-name social app companies – LivingSocial (makers of the ever-popular "pick your five" app on Facebook), Circle of Moms, Zynga, Serious Business, Where I’ve Been, and Poolhouse.

Majority Use Social Media Marketing, Still Have Questions
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Social Media MarketingAuthor and WebProNews Blog Partner Michael Stelzner, has put together an interesting report based on a survey of 900 marketers. The report looks at the state of social media marketing. Interesting stats from the report include:

IAB Releases Definitions for Social Media Ad Metrics

The Interactive Advertising Bureau has released a document of social media ad metric definitions. The document breaks social media down into three categories – social media sites, blogs, and widgets & social apps.

When to Use and When Not to Use Social Media
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As a report from Michael Stelzner recently made abundantly clear, although the majority of marketers are using social media, most still have many questions about how to use it.

NFL Draft More Social Than Ever

It’s finally coming – NFL Draft Weekend. For those of us who love the NFL, it has been a long time coming. The draft has some different elements this year though, and social media is a big part of it.

NFL.com is streaming live coverage of the draft throughout the weekend. And along with that, it is offering plenty of opportunities for fans to get engaged.

Where Social Media Fits Into the SEO Equation
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We hear a whole lot of talk about social media marketing these days. There is plenty of evidence that there are great benefits to this medium, but there are still many questions about it as well.

Apple’s Wozniak Turns to Social Media for Dancing with Stars Support
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Update 2: Woz is done. His efforts may have kept him around longer than he would have made it otherwise, but in the end, he just didn’t make it.

Update: Woz has survived another round of Dancing with the Stars for all of you who want to stay up to date without having to watch the show.

Original article: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak appeared on Dancing with the Stars last night and came in last place. Now he wants help getting votes.

Facebook Just Became a Better Marketing Tool
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Facebook has started including updates from Pages in the news feed. While some of the pages users were already subscribed to are not showing up at this point, any they subscribe to from now on will (unless users elect not to see the messages).

Facebook was already a great marketing tool. I’ve recently discussed a number of reasons why. But this is a way for businesses to directly get their messages to interested parties.

Real Life Examples: Local Social Media Marketing in Action
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I’m not going to wax philosophical about social media marketing. I’m not going to tell you that you should be using social media or that you shouldn’t. I’m just going to show you some examples of how local  businesses in the hometown of WebProNews – Lexington, Kentucky –  are utilizing it. It is up to you to find parallels between what these businesses are doing and strategies that you could be implementing within your own marketing efforts.

Making Customers Aware of Your Presence

What the Most Popular Brands on Twitter Are Doing Right
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Digital brand management agency Electric Artists is tracking the most popular brands, celebrities, media outfits, and television networks based on category, handle, latest tweet, and number of followers. They also include short notes about how each is using Twitter.

The brand category is host to a pretty diverse group. The top ten based on number of followers consists of:

1. Zappos
2. Whole Foods
3. Jetblue
4. Starbucks
5. NBA
6. MTV
7. Southwest
8. Comcast

Advertisers and Developers Monetize Social Media Apps
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Facebook has been encouraging developers to monetize their apps. They’ve recently gone so far as to create resources to help developers build business models around them.

One example of app monetization at work comes from the company Offerpal Media. This is a company that not only utilizes Facebook in its business model, but MySpace and other social networks as it enables both advertisers and developers to monetize apps.

The Business Goals Where Social Media is Most Effective

Still wondering just how social media can actually benefit your business? There are a variety of ways, and some ways may be more relevant to your own business than others.

MarketingSherpa’s "chart of the week" highlights seven business uses of social media, and rates their effectiveness based on results from a survey fielded in December. The biggest impact of social media seems to come in the form of influencing brand reputation.

59% of 100 Leading Retailers are on Facebook
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Independent interactive marketing agency Rosetta released a study today that shows that 59% of 100 leading retailers have fan pages on Facebook. This is a testament to how social media is truly consuming the way businesses market themselves.