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San Francisco Apparently Has a Smart Car Tipping Problem

In rural areas, kids have been tipping cows to beat their boredom for years–or that’s how the story goes. Now, in the less-rural Bay Area, some pranksters are tipping new things for the new generation. It seems that San Francisco has a Smart car-flipping epidemic. NBC Bay Area reports that several smart car owners have awoken to find their $13,000 …

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Smart Car Tipping Prank Investigated in San Francisco

Smart Car owners in San Francisco have to be wondering whether the great mileage their cars get is worth it now that they are finding themselves targets for a prank called “Smart Car tipping.” Similar to cow tipping, vandals are pushing over the lightweight Smart Cars, which can completely total the car. According to SFGate, Smart Car tipping has been …

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CES 2013: Ford Developer Program Invites You To Make The Next Great Smart Car App

One of the more interesting categories of CES’ past was the smart car. The idea behind it was that everything you have on your smartphone could be accessed while you’re behind the wheel. It’s incredibly promising and Ford is kicking off CES 2013 with a new open source SDK and developer program. After a few years of trying to get …

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Smart Car Just Won Twitter By Calculating The Weight Of Pigeon Crap

People on the internet are a**holes. And since Twitter is on outlet for people on the internet, people on Twitter can also be a**holes. Public figures, celebrities, and well known brands have to deal with the most a**holery, simply due to their visibility. So it’s no surprise to see a Twitter user crap on a company like Smart, makers of …

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Smart Cars Eliminate Waiting At Traffic Lights

Have you ever sat at a four-way intersection and wondered if you could zip in and out of oncoming traffic to get across? If you have, you’re a dangerous person and I never want to be in a car with you. Good thing smart cars are here to do all the zipping and weaving for us. The Atlantic recently spoke …

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