San Francisco Apparently Has a Smart Car Tipping Problem

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In rural areas, kids have been tipping cows to beat their boredom for years–or that’s how the story goes. Now, in the less-rural Bay Area, some pranksters are tipping new things for the new generation.

It seems that San Francisco has a Smart car-flipping epidemic.

NBC Bay Area reports that several smart car owners have awoken to find their $13,000 automobiles tipped on one side.

Some have been tipped to rest on one side, others to rest on their back bumpers. One was flipped to rest on its hood and front windshield.

Other than the fact that Smart cars are a fairly easy target if car-flipping is your thing, not much else is known regarding any possible motive.

I guess some people just think it’s funny to tip over a tiny little car.

And it is, kind of. Totally illegal and ill-advised, but something about it makes me laugh. I’m just a bad person. I definitely wouldn’t call them heroes, as whoever is doing this to someone else’s property is an asshole.

But as far as vandalism goes, this is about as funny as you can get.

Smart Automobile is headquartered in Böblingen, Germany, and they launched their first Smart car in 1998. The microcars’ parent company is Daimler AG.

Images via Wikimedia Commons,  NBC Bay Area, screenshot

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