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Andrej Kiska Defeats PM Fico in Slovak Presidential Election

In a somewhat stunning turn of events, political newcomer and philanthropist Andrej Kiska was elected President of Slovakia, defeating the current Prime Minister and the most popular politician in Slovakia, Robert Fico, in quite convincing fashion, obtaining 59.4 percent of the vote to Fico’s 40.6 percent. The victory marks the first occasion of a Slovak president being elected without any …

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NHL Referee Murder: Ladislav Scurko Convicted of Stabbing Former Tenant

NHL referee murder: Ladislav Scurko, who was drafted by the Philadelphia Flyers in 2004, has been convicted of stabbing a former referee, according to Yahoo News. The incident occurred in 2008 following a dispute between Scurko and Marek Liptaj, who once lived in the professional hockey player’s home. Upon learning that Liptaj did not have cancer, an argument promptly ensued. …

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