Dice Holdings Buys Slashdot, SourceForge and Freecode For $20 Million

Dice Holdings Buys Slashdot, SourceForge and Freecode For $20 Million

By Chris Crum September 18, 2012

Dice Holdings has acquired the online media business of Geeknet. This includes such notable tech sites as Slashdot, SourceForge and Freecode. The acquisition price is $20 million, which the companies say is the same amount the properties generated in revenue …

Business Emails Can Cause Legal Problems

People are often smart enough not to put sensitive information on paper, and in the event that they do, they’ve frequently got a lighter or shredder standing by.  Employees still have a lot to learn when it comes to email, though.

Does Open License Mean Open Season?

The unattributed verbatim appearance of a Wikipedia article in a book from a major publisher sparked accusations of plagiarism, and raises more serious issues of ethics as well as the perils of publishing under open licenses.

Bloglines Adds Top 1000, More Enhancements

Bloglines did another update today, adding a new Bloglines Top 1000 section, showing off the 100 most popular blogs, along with data on which ones are moving up or down, and sidebars with the new blogs on the list and the biggest movers.

Yahoo To Cut Musicmatch Jukebox’s Cord

On Monday, I wrote an article noting the demise of both Yahoo Photos and Yahoo Bill Pay.  Little did I know the follow-up would come so soon; users of Musicmatch Jukebox have been told they’ll need to switch to Yahoo Music Jukebox.

Google Bans Ads For Essay Writing Services
Google has banned essay writing services from advertising on its AdWords platform.

BlinkList Closes Eyes For Over 20 Hours
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It’s nice to have a popular site, but if the popularity becomes overwhelming, the owner will (temporarily) be left without a site at all.  According to a new Royal Pingdom survey, that may be what happened to the people at BlinkList.

Another Sony DRM Debacle Happening?

Amazon users have been reporting that newly acquired Sony Media disks are not playing in their DVD players, is this an outcome from the AACS key hacking, or did Sony forget to add the key updates to their media?

JPG Intros “Hotness,” I Hope Yahoo Doesn’t Sue Them

JPG Magazine: Blog: Introducing Hotness Well our good friends over at JPG Magazine introduced a cool new feature on their site today. it’s called Hotness "because interestingness was taken" (their words).

Hotness basically uses the social activity around the photos on their site, "votes, views, and more," to share with members of the JPG community some of the best shots being uploaded per an "algorithm" that they created.

SEO and the Presidential Candidates
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A recent article posted on Slashdot looked at various website design points of the top 6 Presidential Candidates.

Managing Emerging Brands, Dealing with PR Fallout

It seems that 2007 brings us a “SEOs are teh devil” mantra from a multitude of newly crowned golden children of the web and to be perfectly honest it’s starting to annoy me.

No doubt the likes of Slashdot have already dealt with and got over the impact the SEO industry may or may not have on the operation of their site – having implemented procedures to deal with comment spam, crap submissions and the like, Slashdot is still doing fine.  So why are newer community driven big brand sites so anti-SEO?

Virtual Property Auctions Nixed By eBay
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Since the dawn of EverQuest, the godfather of Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games (MMORPGs), companies have turned a tidy profit from selling virtual items and currency that only exist within the game in exchange for real life cash.

ITunes Sales Dropping

The Register writes that, according to numbers from Forrester, Apple’s iTunes Music Store is seeing abysmal sales, with revenues down 65% since January.

Google Web Toolkit: Now 100% Open Source

Version 1.3 of the Google Web Toolkit has been released, and it’s completely open source. While that may not seem remarkable in and of itself, it’s part of a bigger plan: “To radically improve the web experience for users . . .”

Another Geeks and Suits Rumble

It is a truth held to be self-evident among IT professionals: geeks are from Krypton, suits are from Uranus. The antipathy between members of the code is poetry tribe and the non-IT managers for whom they often work is so common and all-prevailing that it has even become a marketing cliche-like the obnoxious propeller head in the CDW commercials who is always one-upping the guys from the Dilbert cubicles.

Boing Boing & Slashdot On Flickr’s Patent Attempt

Boing Boing: Flickr files a patent for “interestingness” Well a few weeks back I posted on Yahoo’s attempt to patent interestingness after reading a notice on the patent at Bill Slawksi’s excellent blog SEO by the Sea. And yesterday both Boing Boing and Slashdot picked up on the story as well.

Internet Explorer 7 CSS Changes

IE Blog has a detailed listing of the CSS Changes in the new Internet Explorer 7. Some of the notable points –