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Skype for iPhone Officially Available
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Update: Skype says:

EU Study Disputes Market’s Ability To Enforce Net Neutrality

A study sponsored by Dailymotion, eBay, Skype, and Google and YouTube of European Internet users showed that 91 percent expect their ISPs not to block or limit their Internet service and that all legitimate websites and applications receive similar treatment.

Skype Launches Beta Service For Businesses
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Skype has announced a beta version of its calling service for business users.

The new service, called Skype for SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) allows workers to make calls with traditional telephones, instead of a headset hooked up to a computer.

Users See Gap Between Mobile Devices And Computers
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Most mobile users still feel there is a gap between their computers and their mobile devices, according to data published by Skype from a Zobgy survey.

The gap correlates with the finding that the majority of mobile users do not yet download applications to their mobile devices. The same group says they want to be able to choose mobile applications for themselves, and not have their carriers decide what applications they can use. The survey found that people will pay more for a device that will allow them to control applications.

Skype Could Be For Sell, Would You Buy?

eBay has been busy announcing changes and fueling speculation around others. According to the WSJ the online skype-logomarketplace is going back to its roots as an “internet flea market” , as well as moving away from the retail model that Amazon owns and concentrating more on PayPal.

eBay CEO Speaks, Says Done Apologizing for Skype
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John DonahoeeBay held its 2009 Analyst Day today with CEO John Donahoe speaking on the company’s future. As anticipated, a great deal of focus was put on PayPal.

Skype Now Offering Voice To Text Messaging Conversion
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Skype has introduced a new feature that converts voicemail to text via speech technology firm SpinVox.

SpinVox converts voice messages to text in English, Spanish, French, and German. The messages are sent by Skype as an SMS text directly to a mobile phone for users to read.

Skype Making Mobile Deals
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Nokia and eBay-owned VoIP service Skype announced a deal today. Skype will be integrated into Nokia devices, starting with the N97 series.

Skype Launches 4.0 For Windows
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Skype has launched version 4.0 for Windows that now includes full-screen video calling and improved call quality.

"Video calling has emerged as a very popular way for people to communicate online," said Mike Bartlett, director of product strategy for Skype.

Is eBay Looking to Unload Skype?
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Rumors have been circulating that eBay may be interested in finding a suitable bidder for VoIP service Skype. eBay hasn’t exactly come out and said this, but people love to chitter chatter. Times Online reports:

Some Think Google Should Go After eBay
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There is an interesting article at Seeking Alpha called "Why ‘GooBay’ Makes Sense." Obviously this is a "what if Google bought eBay?" piece, and feedback to the article thus far isn’t real keen on the idea, but there are some valid points throughout the article nevertheless.

Hackers Focusing On VoIP Accounts
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Hackers are in the early stages of targeting voice-over IP telephony accounts according to one VoIP equipment maker.

Private information, including usernames and passwords from VoIP phone accounts are being sold online for more than stolen credit cards Newport Networks says. The information lets hackers use the telephone service for free.

eBay May Sell Skype

Skype’s not doing too badly these days.  As it stands, though, Skype has little to do with eBay’s core business, and so it may get sold in the relatively near future.

Google Looking To Buy Expedia?

I guess it’s not enough to have a rumor that Google might want to take Skype off of eBay’s hands. Now comes a rumor that Google might have an interest in buying travel company Expedia.

Why in the world would Google want to buy Expedia?

FCC Hanging Up On Skype Open Access Request

The same type of open access rule that was added to the recent 700MHz spectrum auctions won’t be imposed on current spectrum, as Skype hoped it would.

Skype Gets A New CEO

Skype isn’t exactly a model company; onlookers have often equated it with an anchor weighing eBay down.  But, be that as it may, Josh Silverman seems content enough to have been appointed CEO of the Internet telephone company.

eComm 2008 is Coming Up

I noticed that eComm 2008 is coming up, 3/12-14.

Take a look at what Martin Gedd, on the advisory board, said on his blog:

Looking Back on CES

I ‘m now back from CES. Here’s a quick roundup of highlights that you probably won’t find elsewhere:

Best Schwag

Skype, RackSpace Among Big Wrecks In ’07

There is no greater feeling of dread for an admin than seeing a system go offline, and nothing works to get it going again.

Google Maybe Could Possibly Buy Skype

Or not. Give Jemima Kiss at the Guardian credit for knowing how to toss some linkbait out there. Rumor has it Google is negotiation to buy eBay’s mistake.

A Skypephone Wish List
Some further thoughts on my ongoing Skypephone experience.

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