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Nintendo Isn’t Worried About The Impending Xbox One/PS4 Launches
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Ever since the Wii U launched last year, there’s been some talk about whether or not Nintendo could compete with the PS4 and Xbox One once both consoles launch this month. The reasoning is that players will view the Wii …

Apple Shareholders Live Blog In Press’s Absence

Before Apple’s shareholder meeting began today in Cupertino, Calif., members of the press were upset about it being more of a “prevent” than an event. Apple barred the press from live-blogging or even carrying laptops or smartphones into the meeting—the gag rule didn’t apply to shareholders themselves apparently.

Yahoo’s Semel Takes His Lumps From Shareholders

It’s easy to imagine Yahoo chief Terry Semel went home limping after yesterday’s meeting with shareholders, and promptly crawled inside a bottle of fermented comfort. Shareholders weren’t happy with his performance, and they told him so.