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Can Bing Put A Bigger Dent In Google Searches?

Bing has been struggling to make a significant dent in Google’s share of the search market since its launch, but Bing’s share has been slowly growing over that time. While Bing still has a very long way to go if it intends to catch Google, recent developments can only serve to help it on its way. Will Bing ever catch …

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Google Sees Lowest Search Market Share In 5 Years In UK [Report]

Experian Hitwise has released new data about the search market in the UK, indicating that Google’s share has fallen below 90% in the country. Google’s market share for the month was 89.33%. That’s the first time in as much as five years that Google has dropped below 90% in the United Kingdom, according to the firm. Here’s a look at …

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Bing Now Powers 25.6% Of U.S. Searches

comScore released its monthly U.S. search engine rankings report for July, which sees Google leading the market at 66.8%, flat from June’s report. Microsoft sites were slightly up (0.1%) at 15.7%, followed by Yahoo sites (flat) at 13%. The Ask Network managed to climb 0.1% reaching 3% market share, and AOL remained flat at 1.5%. Still, in July, 25.6% of …

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Google Search Market Share Better Than Ever In The U.S.

comScore has put out its monthly analysis of the United States search market. Google led the charge significantly, which should come as no surprise, but it just so happens that Google achieved its highest number yet at 66.8%. Luckily for Microsoft, Bing also saw its highest yet. Naturally, Yahoo lost market share, falling to its lowest point ever – this …

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Bing Search Climbs 5% Year-Over-Year, Google Slips

The Bing-Yahoo tag-team continues to chip away at Google’s dominance in search, according to the latest report from Experian Hitwise, while Google has slipped a little yet still maintains a commanding grip on its overal dominance among search engines. Combined, however, Bing-powered search and google.com account for 93.14% of all searches conducted in the United States. Although the share of …

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What The U.S. Search Market’s Been Up To Since 2008 [Infographic]

On the Web, search is king. Even though a new Google Consumer Survey found that only 1 in 5 Americans knows what SEO is, just about everybody in the Web content industry not only knows about search engine optimization, but also formats and titles content in an effort to get noticed by Google’s complex algorithms. You can be white hat, …

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