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NASA Video Shows Sun’s Rise in Activity

The sun. We see it nearly every day, and yet most of us spend a considerable amount of time trying to keep it out of our eyes or off our skin. NASA, on the other hand, has been staring straight into the sun for years now. The agency launched the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) in 2010 to capture images of …

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NASA Shows Off Its 4K Sun Images

There’s a cost associated with being an early adopter, and it’s not just the higher prices. New media formats consistently outpace the rate at which content creators can adapt to the new formats. As a result, early adopters pay exorbitant sums for tech to display boring demo footage for months before ESPN finally updates its broadcast technology, which happens coincide …

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Solar Eruption Rang in the New Year, Shows NASA Video

While people across the world were celebrating or preparing to celebrate the arrival of the year 2013, the sun was putting on a New Year’s show of its own. On December 31, a massive solar eruption twisted up from the surface of the sun, propelled by swirling magnetic forces. The eruption extended around 160,000 miles out from the surface of …

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Massive Solar Tornado Spotted on the Sun

NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory (SDO) satellite has captured images and video of a tornado on the sun several times as large as the Earth. Last September the SDO satellite filmed this twirling mass of superheated gas, which ranges in temperature from 50,000 to 2,000,000 Kelvin, over the course of three hours. The tornado was 200,000 kilometers in height, which is …

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