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Just How Screwed Are You If You Find Yourself Buried Alive?
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I don’t think there are too many people out there that find the famous coffin scene in Kill Bill, Vol. 2 to be all that believable. Entertaining? Of course. But nobody really thinks that one could punch their way out …

Northampton Clown Terrorizes Town

Are you familiar with Stephen King’s horror story IT? It’s about a demonic entity that eats children and portrays itself in the form of a clown named Pennywise. Back in 1990, there was a TV mini-series adaptation of IT starring …

Here’s What It Looks Like When You Fall Down a Mountain

This terrifying first-person look at a climbing mishap is your nope, nope, and triple nope of the day. Amazingly, the climber is moving at the end of this 100-ft.+ fall.

This Robot Has Human-Like Muscles And Bones This Robot Has Human-Like Muscles And Bones
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IEEE Spectrum uploaded this little gem this week: This is Kenshiro, a new musculoskeletal robot from researchers at the University of Tokyo. They debuted it at the Humanoids Conference this month, and according to IEEE Spectrum, claim to have added …

Scary Game Has Players Take the Role of a 2-Year-Old

Some of the best horror videogames, or at least the most scary ones, were ones where the players had difficulty defending themselves. The awkward controls, camera angles, and lack of ammo made early Resident Evil and Silent Hill games nerve-racking. …

Scary New Virus Will Make Your Computer Cry Scary New Virus Will Make Your Computer Cry
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It’s natural for viruses to mutate in nature and become stronger over time. The scary thing is that it’s now happening to computer viruses. Mutating viruses are nothing new, they are used to infect machines in a way that can’t …