Scam Articles

FBI Warns Of E-Card Scam

The FBI and the greeting card industry are warning people of fraudulent emails that claim to contain an electronic greeting card from an anonymous individual, such as a "friend" or "classmate."

Brian Retkin Speaks On Google Suit
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The man behind the lawsuit against Google for defamation said he and his firm would really prefer to put their conflict with Google behind them.

Google Responds To AdWords Scam Kerfuffle
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The practice of establishing AdWords accounts for the purpose of passing clicks through a third-party malware distributor has drawn a blame-the-user response from Google.

SEC Charges Hackers With Pumping Google

Three Indian nationals have been charged as part of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s investigation into pump and dump stock schemes the boosted prices for fourteen stocks, including Google and Sun Microsystems.

Details Emerge About eBay Motors Scam
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A Trojan that arrives by email targets potential car buyers at eBay Motors, and attempts to closely imitate a legitimate auction.

Beware Of eBay Motors Scam
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A new threat against visitors to eBay Motors from a Trojan attempts to use a man in the middle attack that seems to do more than just phish a username and password from people.

FTC Pushes ‘Stop’ On Free CD Scam

The Federal Trade Commission put the kibosh on Think All Publishing for alleged deceptive online marketing and billing practices. A US Magistrate judge recommended an injunction against the company to pull the reins on its “Free Software CD” Internet scam, and ordered the company’s assets frozen.

FTC Sues Payment Co. For Role In Web Scam

Try to access the website of payment service InterBill and you’ll get a white-screen notice that the site is “under construction.” We can, for lack other information, assume it has nothing to do with the Federal Trade Commission filing suit over the company’s affiliation with a major scam.

Eyes On The Hurricane Scam Sites

By now you can see it coming, almost as soon as Hurricane Katrina made landfall, scam artists were setting up their online piggy banks to collect the pennies of the unwitting. Rita, not quite the shrew that Katrina was, will no doubt see Rita relief scams, and an international “call to arms,” has been launched to flog the offenders.

The Biggest SEO Scam of All
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While there are many ethical SEO firms serving Internet users today, a few notorious practitioners also exist. One of them called me just the other day.

Hotmail Users Get A Spam And Scam Safety Bar

Sender ID authentication alerts will now show up in a new interface as Microsoft tries to protect its users from spam and scams.

The Ultimate PR “Scam”

It happens to business, non-profit and association managers when their public relations budget fails to deliver the crucial external audience behaviors they need to achieve their department, division or subsidiary objectives.

Lottery Scam, what it is and how to avoid it?

Internet scams and frauds are on the rise! The quantity of scam emails with various fraud schemes any email account receives today is simply overwhelming! There is this infamous Nigerian 419 scam, which is by far the most widely circulated one. I wrote about it in one of our ezine articles not long ago.

What’s Your Excuse?
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Some of you are going to get angry when you read this.

On an almost weekly basis I get an email from someone who “really” needs the income generated from an online business, but they just can’t afford to get started.

Writer’s Rip-Offs

People who want to write form a huge market. According to Writer’s Digest magazine, ten per cent of the US population want to be writers, and I assume that the numbers are similar in other countries.

The Seven Signs of a Scam

It’s a shame that there are so many people out there trying to rip off the work-at-home job seeker. It’s even more disheartening to see them targeting the stay-at-home mom, the retiree, and the disabled. But the fact remains; they’re out there trying to capitalize on your desire to stay home and earn an income. And they’re making good money while they’re at it, because there’s no shortage of people who want so badly to believe their claims of easy income and instant wealth.

The Lucrative Identity Theft Scam

Identity theft is a serious problem – make sure to keep all sensitive information from being acquired by any other people. That means – do not give out your name, social security number, bank information, credit card information, etc. Shred store receipts. Use heavy discretion when ordering from the Internet – order from secure sites and know whom you are dealing with.

ON GUARD! The Oldest Scam

You’ve seen the ads in newspapers, magazines – even on the Internet: “Get paid to stuff envelopes!” It seems the ultimate work- at-home opportunity. You figure it can’t be a scam because you see these ads all the time. Someone must know something you don’t; someone must be making money stuffing envelopes. Should you try it?

The Job Interview Scam

Be careful of potential job offers – there are scams that are being run and are taking advantage of your good trust in the postings and offers. They attempt to steal proprietary information from unsuspecting “candidates.”


In a perfect world, I wouldn’t need to write this article. In fact, if people would just care about one another, I wouldn’t have to write this article.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a particularly perfect or even caring world.

So, you have to be on your guard against all of the traffic scams that are out there — and there are a bunch. The best weapon you can have is information, and that’s what this article will do for you — give you the information so that the scammers can’t take advantage of you!

5 Warning Signs of a Scam Business

For years now the rush has been on to mine the Internet and find “gold.” Just like miners in the old U.S. west, people flock to the Web hoping to strike it rich. Is it possible? Sure it is! However, those miners of old had to watch out for “fool’s gold.” You – in the days of the Internet – have to watch out for scam businesses.