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Likejacking Scams on Facebook

Be careful who you friend and what websites you are being requested to visit because some sites employ a “Manual Sharing Scam” – better known as “Likejacking” or Clickjacking. Once users click on these scamming sites they could receive posts on their wall that say they “Like” the site, in an effort to spread itself virally. The scam spreads once …

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Man Tricks Girlfriend on Facebook, Imprisoned

In Great Britain, a man has been jailed for seven years for tricking his girlfriend into performing sex acts online through the use of false identities on Facebook. Darrell Bingham, 49, posed as an American football player and subjected his 21-year-old girlfriend to a six month hoax, in which he tricked her into performing sex acts using blackmail. Bingham posed …

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Scammers Continue to Post Fake Facebook Videos

It should be old news by now that if you see a questionable video on Facebook you probably should not click on it, and definitely don’t give any information or fill out a survey. But with the shear number of fake videos popping up and scammers relentless tactics, it can be difficult to discern which videos are fake and which …

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Tax Season 2012: Avoid Online Scams

For years, online scammers have been taking advantage of people at tax time. Many people look for ways to get their tax refund back as quickly as possible. Legitimate tax return prep offices and other businesses offers “refund anticipation loans”, whereby you have your refund sent to their bank account and they give you most of it in advance in …

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Fake Halo 4 Beta Earns Microsoft’s Ire

Some things in life are just too good to be true. A Halo 4 beta is one of those things. There was a certain Web site going around that claims to offer access to the Halo 4 beta. Let’s just ignore that Halo 4 has only had one trailer and Microsoft has been rather mum on it since. A beta …

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Anonymous: Anonyupload May Be A Scam

You may remember we reported yesterday the launch of Anonyupload, the Anonymous alternative to MegaUpload. The site appears to be a scam. In a post today on their twitter, Anonymous has said that Anonyupload has no affiliation with the site and they flagged it as a scam. @YourAnonNewsAnonymousFYI – We have NO affiliation with this site, and by the looks …

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New Facebook Scam Offers Free iPads

Facebook and Apple giving away free iPads? It must be too good to be true! Spoiler: It is. CNET is reporting that there’s a new spam scam hitting Facebook today. The message is innocuous enough: Mark Zuckerberg has just sent an e-mail informing the lucky winner that they have won a free iPad. Now the link to claim the free …

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