NORAD Santa Tracker Live: Watch Santa’s Progress

NORAD Santa Tracker Live: Watch Santa’s Progress

By Rachel Kolman December 24, 2013

It’s time! The NORAD Santa Tracker has gone live, following Santa’s progress around the world as he delivers gifts this Christmas Eve. The NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) tracker began early this morning, with Santa’s first stop in Russia …

Santa Will Be Bingin’ It This Year Santa Will Be Bingin’ It This Year

Earlier this week, NORAD released a Windows 8 version of its popular Santa tracker app just in time for the holidays. Now it appears that Windows 8 won’t be the only contribution to NORAD’s annual tradition as Bing is now …

Call Santa From Gmail Call Santa From Gmail

As you may recall, Google set up a Google Voice number for Santa Claus last year. Google let people set up personalized calls from Santa at sendacallfromsanta.com. The site is once again in operation (for U.S. users). This year, Google …

Stephen Colbert Fights War on Christmas, With Santa & Guns Stephen Colbert Fights War on Christmas, With Santa & Guns

The day is nearly upon us, when we all wake up early in the morning to exchange gifts and enjoy the company of loved ones. If you have kids, you might be waking up multiple times during the night because …

Google Voice Lets You Send Calls From Santa

Google has introduced a new feature to its voice service that allows people to send and receive free personalized calls from Santa.

Users can visit sendacallfromsanta.com and choose from a number of options to send unique, often humorous , customized phone calls to anyone in the U.S. Users can also send the messages from Santa via email, Facebook and Twitter.


Google/NORAD Santa Tracking About to Begin Again

The North American Aerospace Defense Command, otherwise known as NORAD is tracking Santa Claus’s rounds this year, keeping up a tradition that has been going on for 54 years.

Norad has been working with Google for several years by way of Google Maps and Google Earth. Last year, they started using Google Analytics as well. Google is now sharing a video of last year’s Santa tracking:

Microsoft Silences Santa Sex Talk

Microsoft has had to remove its Santa bot after it was discovered to be using inappropriate language with users.

Google Launches Elections 2008 Gadget
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Like it or not, the 2008 presidential election is approaching, and should you be in that first category, Google is ready to keep you informed with a new Elections 2008 gadget.

Google To Track Santa With NORAD

Google has announced a partnership with NORAD (the North American Aerospace Defense Command), and while that sounds alarming, there’s no need to build a bomb shelter.  Instead, bake some cookies and grab a glass of milk, because the two entities intend to track Santa.

Give Santa A Break, Start Your Holiday SEO Early
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At some point we may see Santa actually holding a Jack-o-lantern, unless these folks have their way. Whatever’s too early offline though isn’t online in terms of preparing your online store for the holiday season.

Jilted Reporters Take Expertise Online

Lose your job?  Well, you didn’t lose your knowledge base – why not give your old employer a run for its money?  That’s what eight former reporters at the Santa Barbara News-Press did when they were fired, and they named the result the Santa Barbara Newsroom.

Social Media and Search News Thursday

Ron Belanger from Yahoo does a decent job explaining, “Engagement, Search and Social Media” in a video over at iMedia Connection.

Microsoft Gives A Gift Of Santa

Trying to fight your way through the mall for a picture of your kids with jolly old Saint Nick always end up the same way, with you knuckle-punching some rude soccer-mom in the throat for cutting in line, followed by the usual arrest, processing, and posting bail. Save yourself some grief thin 2006.

Vista To Be More Generous Than Santa

Once Microsoft Vista gets into the marketplace, it will benefit the economy and drive job creation in the tech industry; no word on whether it will whiten teeth and freshen breath though.

The Google Maps of Aviation Sectional Charts
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Recently someone pointed me at SkyVector.com which can most easily be described as “the Google Maps of Aviation.”

Follow Santa’s Trip Via Email

Nothing generates greater paranoia in small children than the notion of sleek little elves watching their every movement, monitoring all their behavior and determining whether that child has been naughty or nice. Perhaps now, at least for a little while, the tables are turned. This year, MindComet has secured OfficialSantaEmail.com.

Ho Ho No! Santa Worm On IM

Users of instant messaging systems MSN, AIM, ICQ, and Yahoo could get smacked with a worm that entices people to click on a link to Santa Claus.