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NORAD Santa Tracker Live: Watch Santa’s Progress

It’s time! The NORAD Santa Tracker has gone live, following Santa’s progress around the world as he delivers gifts this Christmas Eve. The NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) tracker began early this morning, with Santa’s first stop in Russia and a travel route that crosses Asia, Africa, Europe, and then the Americas. This tracking Santa tradition began in 1955, …

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Santa Is Apparently Working For The NSA

Santa Claus is the ultimate snoop. Every year, he spies on every one of us and puts us on a naughty or nice list. It only makes sense then that the NSA would want to recruit him for some of their own spying programs. In this new promo video from the ACLU, they had three sunglasses-wearing Santas walk around New …

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This Is What Happens When Santa Replaces His Workforce With Robots

For the past few hundred years, Santa has relied on the physical workforce of his elves and reindeer to help him deliver presents every Christmas. That may change one day as Santa embraces technology and replaces everything with robots. The Autonomous Systems Labs in Zurich has decided to give us a taste of a future in which Santa’s workforce has …

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Google Isn’t Letting Bing Have Santa All To Itself

NORAD may have went the Bing/Windows route this year with its Santa Tracker, but Google isn’t going to let Microsoft have all of the fun. “While we’ve been tracking Santa since 2004 with Google Earth, this year a team of dedicated Google Maps engineers built a new route algorithm to chart Santa’s journey around the world on Christmas Eve,” says …

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Samsung May Have Ruined Christmas with an Ad Referencing a Mrs. Claus Sex Tape

A few months ago Samsung released a 30-second ad for the Galaxy S III called “Work Trip,” which promoted the NFC-beaming of information from phone-to-phone with a little joke about a NSFW tape made by a wife for her traveling husband. “I also made you a video,” says the wife before bumping phones with her departing husband. “But you probably …

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Santa Will Be Bingin’ It This Year

Earlier this week, NORAD released a Windows 8 version of its popular Santa tracker app just in time for the holidays. Now it appears that Windows 8 won’t be the only contribution to NORAD’s annual tradition as Bing is now getting in on the holiday fun. Search Engine Land reports that Bing is supplying the maps for NORAD’s Santa tracker …

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