Joey Feek: Santa Comes Early to Joey + Rory Household for Little Indiana

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Joey Feek has been battling cancer since 2014, and she stopped her chemo treatments in October. Joey is now at home under hospice care, and husband Rory Feek has blogged about the family's trials and their strong Christian faith. Rory's post on Friday is titled, Santa Baby, as Santa Claus himself came to visit the Joey + Rory household--most especially the couple's little girl, Indiana.

"The Kris Kringle that showed up at our door wasn't your ordinary shopping-mall Santa. This one was the real deal," Rory Feek writes. "Or as close to it as I've ever personally seen."

This Santa "had the real beard, the real belly, and on top of that he had the kindest smile and a heart for special babies and mama's with no hair," Rory says of the man who made Indiana and Joey Feek smile. "I loved him from the moment I met him."

Joey Feek warmed up to Santa immediately, but little Indiana needed a few minutes to check the bearded fellow out.

"He said he knew our music (I had no idea Santa was a country music fan) and was a little nervous about coming to see us--not knowing what to expect--or if Joey would be up for their visit," Rory continues. "I think once he saw my bride sitting on the couch and smiling when he came in, and enjoying the evening….he settled in and hopefully had as good a time as we did."

Rory and Joey Feek deemed the visit "a blessing."

"Indy's first time to meet Santa Claus…and Joey and I's first chance to get to know him a little better," Rory said.

Sadly, this will likely be Joey Feek's last Christmas, so the happy evening had a bittersweet tinge to it.

Joey + Rory are country/bluegrass singers who received their first Grammy Award nomination just a couple of weeks ago. Prior to their nomination, Joey Feek set a goal to live to see Valentine's Day--which also serves as the release date of their new album. Now she has added living until February 15 to her list of goals, which is the date the Grammy Awards are aired live on TV.

Rory and Joey Feek's strong Christian faith has prompted them to pray for miracles. They no doubt experienced one with Santa's visit to their home earlier this week.

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