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Kansas Governor Can’t Stop Facebook ‘Sarcasm Bombing’

These politicians. Some of these people really struggle to handle a public page on Facebook. Take Kansas Governor Sam Brownback. He’s vowed to sign into law the onerous “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” – a bill he freely admits that he has not read – that would permit doctors to withhold information from patients, force women to hear the …

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Teen’s Political Tweet Sparks Free Speech Discussion

A Kansas teen who was asked to apologize for a politically charged tweet has made a stand of sorts, and hopes her tweet will do something even larger for free speech in social media. Last week, 18-year-old Emma Sullivan was attending a youth in government conference with her fellow classmates at a Topeka high school when she submitted the tweet …

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China To Spy On Hotel Guests’ Internet Activity During Olympics

U.S. Senator Sam Brownback is criticizing the Chinese government for its plans to spy on hotel guests’ Internet activity during the Olympics.

China is forcing foreign-owned hotels to install monitoring equipment on their network to allow the Chinese Public Security Bureau to access electronic information of people staying in these hotels.

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Three Candidates Sign On To Google Government

At first glance it looks like three Presidential candidates swore to uphold a law already passed, but since that wouldn’t make any sense at all, we’ll assume they meant they’ll hold the Executive branch to the same standards the Legislative has already adopted. Given the bobbing and weaving of the current administration, that really would be something.

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