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$41,000 Found Inside A Couch In New York

What would you do if you found $41,000 in a couch you just purchased; find the rightful owner, return the money, or simply keep it and hit the malls? These are the difficult questions that three State University of New York college students had to face when they found a large sum of money in a couch they purchased at …

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Charitable Donations: Get Deductions at No Cost

The gifts have been bought and the festivities are upon us. Don’t worry If you’re a bit tapped out but still wish to join folks making their last charitable donations of 2013; there’s always a way. Here are two ways to make a charitable donation without using actual money: Habitant for Humanity is a favorite non-profit organization among volunteers who …

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Fleece Blankets: Give or Receive Their Many Gifts

Fleece blankets. Who doesn’t love a fleece blanket? Even sheep love fleece blankets, because fleece blankets are commonly made with insulating polyester blends unless it is specified to be fleece-wool. Every time a fleece blanket is manufactured, one more sheep is able to graze undisturbed in the meadows for a few seconds more. Fleece blankets are light, but serve as …

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Diamond Ring Found In Salvation Army Bucket

Every year, the Salvation Army sets up in front of local businesses with their red buckets and bells, in hopes of receiving enough donations to help those who are less fortunate, each holiday season. This year, a very special donation was made…a diamond ring worth $3,500. The ring was dropped in a bucket in South Florida on Wednesday, and was …

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Selena Gomez Will Perform At Dallas Cowboys’ Thanksgiving Game

Selena Gomez, the 21-year-old pop princess and actress from Grand Prairie, Texas, has received a lot of fame lately. The pop star has recorded two well-known singles (Love You Like a Love Song and Come And Get It) that are commonly heard on mainstream radio, as well as starring in various teen-oriented films. Gomez will also be receiving a lot …

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National Donut Day: Free Donuts Abound

Today is that most American of minor holidays: National Donut Day. Donut retailers across the country today are giving away their fried bread treats to celebrate the 76th annual holiday. Krispy Kreme, once again, is offering the most open donut giveaway. Any person can receive one free donut, with no purchase necessary. Follow @krispykreme (image) krispykreme @krispykreme Happy National Doughnut …

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