Charitable Donations: Get Deductions at No Cost


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The gifts have been bought and the festivities are upon us. Don't worry If you're a bit tapped out but still wish to join folks making their last charitable donations of 2013; there's always a way. Here are two ways to make a charitable donation without using actual money:

Habitant for Humanity is a favorite non-profit organization among volunteers who wish to put in some old-fashioned Umph Work for those who need it most. Habitant for Humanity accepts monetary donations, but they also greatly appreciate donated building materials, appliances, and furniture. Habitant for Humanity is affiliated with a large number of "ReStores" in the country to receive these items, and their site provides a searchable list for to find one near you. Habitant for Humanity is most widely known for its programs specifically designed volunteers to give them the opportunity to maintain, build and rebuild homes for the needy with their own two hands. There is often no shortage of those who need this help, especially during the winter months.

December is a great time to clean out your household's closet to make room for recent purchases. Instead of cluttering up your closet, attic and storage with clothes, donate them to someone who needs them. That sweater that you loved three years ago that doesn't seem to go with any of your favorite shoes anymore could be the best thing anyone has ever seen in a consignment shop. Your kid's outgrown clothes are in high demand; someone a couple sizes smaller than them now will love that Batman t-shirt as much as they did. Pack it all up and bring it to your local Salvation Army, Goodwill or Vietnam Veterans of America to make a tax-deductible charitable donation that takes no money out of your pocket.

'Tis the season to give, and it doesn't just stop on 25th. Take advantage of these last few days of the year to help someone in need while maximizing your charity tax deduction-- a win/win situation.

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