McDonald’s: Not Paid Enough?  Get Food Stamps.

McDonald’s: Not Paid Enough? Get Food Stamps.

By Erika Watts October 25, 2013 | 3 Comments

McDonald’s loves to see you smile–just not their employees. When full-time employee Nancy Salgado called McResources, McDonald’s employee help line, and said she need a raise to help cover the cost of groceries and her heating bill, she was told …

New Yahoo CEO’s Salary Based ‘Mostly’ On Performance

Let me walk you through my two reactions to learning about the compensation package for newly appointed Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz.


Yahoo’s Sue Decker Gets Impressive Pay Raise

It’s only natural that a pay bump would accompany a promotion.  The bump looks more like a boulder in the case of Sue Decker, however, who will get paid $815,000 instead of her previous $500,000.

Jaw-Dropping, Salary Raising…Quantitative Variables?

I’m teasing of course. I don’t expect to raise anybody’s salary with a discussion of quantitative variables (or anything else).

But I do hope to explain one of the more important differences between web analytics and most of the traditional BI marketing analytics that has been done in the last twenty years. In addition, I’m going to make the case for why a new tool from WebTrends is a lot more important than you may be inclined to think. Along the way, you just might get a little richer – in understanding if not in take-home pay!

Can’t Touch This: Yahoo, Comcast, And Video

The lightly noticed Yahoo and Comcast announcement about a deal that places Yahoo’s online display and video advertising on Comcast’s web properties could be an Internet video watershed moment.

Yahoo Builds Home For Brick Awards
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Yahoo has built a site for the Brick Awards, which recognize the achievements of people under 25 who have made a positive social impact on their community. The site will feature a voting campaign to decide which 4 people will receive a $15,000 community grant towards their cause.

Semel Swaps Salary For Stock

Yahoo CEO Terry Semel will trade all but one dollar of his annual salary in exchange for receiving assorted shares of Yahoo and stock options.

IT Certification Exams: 3 Most Popular Mistakes

Parallel to the growth of the IT Industry, the value and importance of IT certification exams has also gained significant momentum. More and more people are pursuing these exams and organizations are also encouraging their employees to take these certifications.

Nonqualified Salary Continuation Plans : A Powerful Fringe Benefit for Key Employees

Every business has key employees-people who make those important decisions that affect profits.

CMT Pays Man $100K Salary to Blog

CNN Money reports that Country Music Television has signed Chris Nelson to a one-year $100,000 deal to watch reruns of “The Dukes of Hazzard” on the cable channel and write blog postings for the network’s Web site.

GE CEO Makes 13% Salary Increase

Jeff Immelt, the Chairman and CEO of General Electric got a salary increase of 13% last year.

Choosing your Affiliate Salary

Before joining any affiliate program you should consider the price of the product and the commissions you’ll get on each action or sale. To sell anything effectively you’ll need to put in some effort. It’s OK getting paid peanuts for click throughs on links if you have redundant space and your only effort is actually putting them up. After all it’s tough out there and every little helps, right?