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Godzilla Box Office Surprises at $93M

Godzilla, Legendary and Warner Bros’s new take on the classic 1950’s Japanese monster film, opened at No. 1 this weekend with a whopping $93 million in box office sales. This number easily passes the prediction of $76 million by BoxOffice.com and critics alike. The film stars Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston, a plant worker who believes that the quarantined, supposedly radioactive …

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Grown Ups 2 Getting Smashed By Critics

Adam Sandler has never been a critical darling, at least for movies that come from his Happy Madison company. That being said, Sandler’s movies normally perform much better than expected pretty well, even if they are getting bombed by reviewers. Will the same formula work for Sandler’s newest endeavor, the highly-anticipated Grown Ups 2, or will it get crushed by …

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World War Z Has The Critics Split

World War Z is opening in theaters tomorrow. It seems to not have much in common with the fan-favorite novel, but the movie itself has garnered a somewhat favorable critical reception. As of now, World War Z is sitting at a 70 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. A number of top critics are giving it favorable reviews saying that it’s a …

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Pinterest Adds Relevant Info To Pins, Gives ‘Pin It’ Button To Mobile Apps

Pinterest has introduced what it refers to as “more useful pins”. Essentially, they’re adding relevant information to certain types of pins so people can take action on the pins that they like. For example, if you see some cookies that you are interested in trying to bake, you might be able to see the recipe. If someone posts an interesting …

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Google Now Gets Better At Movies And Real Estate

Google announced on Wednesday that it has added some new features to Google Now with a new update. For Movie cards, Google Now will now include ratings from Rotten Tomatoes, and let you purchase tickets through Fandango (a feature that was recently added to Apple’s Siri). Google Now will also remind users when they need to leave for the theater, …

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“The Dark Knight Rises” Gets Bad Reviews, Fans Lose Their Minds

“The Dark Knight Rises” isn’t even out yet, but fans of the series are hardcore when it comes to loyalty. Just ask the folks over at Rotten Tomatoes, who had to disable commenting on some negative reviews of the film. Marshall Fine wrote that “anyone forecasting serious Oscar love for this lumpish, tedious film has been smoking too much of …

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