World War Z Has The Critics Split


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World War Z is opening in theaters tomorrow. It seems to not have much in common with the fan-favorite novel, but the movie itself has garnered a somewhat favorable critical reception.

As of now, World War Z is sitting at a 70 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. A number of top critics are giving it favorable reviews saying that it's a good zombie film despite some issues.

Ty Burr of the Boston Globe had this to say in his review:

"The surprise of the absorbing, frightening "World War Z" is that what sounds ridiculous on paper turns out be a gripper on the screen."

Laura Clifford from Reeling Reviews praised the film while deriding its use of 3D:

"One thing Forster's done well is convey the sheer speed in which a major city can be brought down by the undead...Of course, the decision to convert all this to 3D simply means that many of these quick moving action scenes become a chaotic blur..."

It has received its own fair share of criticism, however, as some critics were upset over a whole host of issues.

Cameron Williams of The Popcorn Junkie criticized the film's benign nature:

"A zombie film made by a parents group. A sanitised entry into the genre to ensure that twelve year-olds can lap up the action without mum or dad having to wash their sheets in the morning."

Curtis Woloschuk of the Willamette Week references the film's troubled production in his criticism:

"Hollywood executives can sleep a little easier at night, once again content in the knowledge that throwing enough money at a problem can solve it."

As with any film adaptation of a popular book, opinions are going to vary wildly. It sounds like those looking for a decent zombie flick that's safe for the kids will probably get some enjoyment out of World War Z, but those looking for a more traditional zombie flick will have to look elsewhere.