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‘Dracula Castle’ For Sale to the Right Buyer

Bran Castle, a national monument and landmark in Romania commonly known as “Dracula’s Castle,” is not formally on the market for a disclosed sum, but the present owner says the property is up for grabs if the price and buyer …

Dracula’s Castle Offered To Romanian Government For $85 Million

The Transylvanian castle said to be Dracula’s home is now up for sale. Bran Castle, built in the 13th century, is located in the countryside, with the closest town a few miles away. Many people have occupied the castle over …

Transylvania Scientist: “I Created Artificial Blood”
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MedicalDaily reports that a Romanian scientist from the town of Cluj-Napoca in historical Transylvania may have just created the first synthetic and side-effect-free artificial blood substitute. This new blood doesn’t use hemoglobin to carry oxygen like previous blood synthesis attempts; …

Hilary Swank Sets Out to Save Stray Romanian Dogs
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Hilary Swank loves animals, and she’s not above taking a trip across the pond to spread her love of those creatures who cannot speak for themselves. Recently, the “Million Dollar Baby” actress embarked on a mission to Bucharest, Romania in …

Anonymous Leaks Romania’s Nuclear Department Database Anonymous Leaks Romania’s Nuclear Department Database
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As Romania is engulfed in massive protests over their government’s perceived incompetence, a branch of Anonymous has leaked the nation’s National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering database online. Anonymous has posted a video in support of Romania’s protests. There …

Google Street View Adds Images Of Romania
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Armchair explorers with nice monitors should be glad to know that another portion of central Europe is now accessible through Street View.  This afternoon, Google announced that photos of Romania have gone live, and there are definitely some impressive sights to see.