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Resident Evil Revelations Gets Some Unique Features On Wii U

Going against the recent trend of third-party developers skipping out on the Wii U, Capcom has decided to bring its HD remake of Resident Evil Revelations to Nintendo’s struggling console. The publisher/developer is going above and beyond the call of duty as well with some unique Gamepad and Miiverse integration. The latest trailer for Resident Evil Revelations shows how players …

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Resident Evil: Revelations Is Classic Horror According To Its Developers

Resident Evil has seemingly lost its way. Resident Evil 4 started the move away from true survival horror, but the next two installments pretty much did away with it entirely. A side story in the series got it right, however, and the developers are now discussing why that is. In a developer diary released today, the developers of Resident Evil: …

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Resident: Evil Revelations HD Remake Gets A Trailer

Earlier this morning, word came out of Capcom that it was bringing Resident Evil: Revelations to consoles and PC in May. It was welcome news after the disappointment that was Resident Evil 6. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any gameplay to go with the announcement, but now we have some thanks to Capcom Europe. The Capcom Europe YouTube channel has just …

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Resident Evil Revelations Coming To Consoles And PC In May

2012 was a mixed bag for Resident Evil fans. Earlier in the year, we got Resident Evil Revelations for 3DS. It was a pretty fantastic game that captured what fans love most about the series. Later on, however, we got Resident Evil 6 which aspired to greatness, but ultimately fell flat. Console players still sore over the latter will be …

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