Resident Evil Revelations Coming To Consoles And PC In May


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2012 was a mixed bag for Resident Evil fans. Earlier in the year, we got Resident Evil Revelations for 3DS. It was a pretty fantastic game that captured what fans love most about the series. Later on, however, we got Resident Evil 6 which aspired to greatness, but ultimately fell flat. Console players still sore over the latter will be able to enjoy the former later this year.

Capcom announced today that Resident Evil Revelations will be coming to the PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U on May 21 in the U.S., and May 24 in the EU. The game will launch as a physical disc for the home consoles, and the PC version will be digital download only.

So what can we expect from the console port of a handheld title? As expected, the game will feature the usual enhanced HD graphics and better lighting that these kinds of ports receive. Alongside the usual enhancement, the game adds fan favorite Hunk as a playable character in the game's Raid mode. Joining Hunk is a new enemy, new difficulty, new Raid weapons, and new custom parts all for the aforementioned Raid Mode.

The most interesting part of the announcement is that the game will be launching for the Wii U. It's unknown, however, if this version of the game will receive any special treatment. We also don't know if it will feature any connectivity with the 3DS version to unlock exclusive items in the console version.

The best part about all of this is that the game will retail for $49.99 instead of the usual $59.99. Granted, it's an HD remake of a 3DS game that retailed for $39.99, but it's still nice to see some games coming in under the usual, and rather expensive, $59.99 MSRP for games.