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John Boehner Fed Up With Conservative Base
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On Thursday, Republican House Speaker John Boehner attacked the conservative base for their indiscriminate opposition to the latest bipartisan budget deal, saying they had lost their credibility. According to Huff Post, conservative groups such as The Club for Growth, Heritage …

George P. Bush: Beacon For Latino Voters?
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George P. Bush, son of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and nephew and grandson of presidents, has put his hat in the political ring as a candidate for Texas Land Comissioner. What’s so special about that? Well, besides being the …

Chris Christie Easily Wins Reelection in New Jersey

Republican governor Chris Christie won reelection last night, beating his opponent by getting a whopping 60 percent of the vote. State senator Barbara Buono only managed to garner 39 percent of the vote. While the election victory doesn’t come as …

Chris Christie Re-elected as New Jersey Governor
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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie won re-election by a debilitating margin on Tuesday with 60.5 percent of the votes in his favor. His victory is not surprising at all, considering how diligently he handled the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy …

Plagiarism Charges Against Rand Paul Could Hurt 2016 Presidency Chances
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There is perhaps no topic that is preached more in college than plagiarism. The heinous act of plagiarism is hammered by professors so hard that some students become nervous writers and over-cite. However, there are also those students who seem …

Tom DeLay Wins Appeal of Money Laundering Conviction

In 2005, Tom Delay, along with 2 others, were convicted by a Texas jury of money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering through his re-channeling of corporate funds to pay for campaign financing. Today, the Texas 3rd Court of …

Michael Steele Could Run For Governor of Maryland
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Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele is giving serious consideration to running for governor of Maryland. Last week, Steele called in for an interview with radio station WMAL, telling the hosts that he and his staff are currently running …

Pregnant Congresswoman Announces Via Facebook
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Jamie Herrera Beutler, the Republican congresswoman from Washington’s 3rd district, has announced that she is pregnant. The 34-year-old Beutler was elected to congress in 2010, making her the second youngest female in the current U.S. Congress. She is married to …

Bob Perry Dies; Republican Donor Was 80

Texas homebuilder and noted political donor Bob Perry has died at the age of 80. According to a report from The Dallas Morning News, Perry died in his sleep on Saturday night or Sunday morning at his home in Houston. …

GOP Platform Touches on Protecting Internet Freedom GOP Platform Touches on Protecting Internet Freedom
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The 2012 Republican platform may have continued to demonstrate that party’s slide to the far right, but the GOP seems to be taking a mostly hands-off policy when it comes to the internet. The platform, which was finalized at the …

GOP Convention Begins With a “Debt Clock”
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An abbreviated 2012 Republican National Convention will begin today with the activation of a “debt clock.” Repbulican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus will call the convention to order at 2 p.m. this afternoon. He will then promptly activate the “debt …

Obama Punching Bag Now Available at Various Online Retailers
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Do a quick Google image search for President Barack Obama and you’re likely to encounter a number of questionable items, including Obama as Bob Marley, Obama as Yoda, and Obama as Baraka from Mortal Kombat. Some of them are amusing, …

Study Reveals Brand Preferences by Political Party: Are you a BMW or a Jeep? Study Reveals Brand Preferences by Political Party: Are you a BMW or a Jeep?
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Buyology Inc.’s new study takes a look at subconscious brand attachments and reveals some interesting contrasts between Democrats and Republicans. What they found is that sometimes the values of your political party give rise to certain brand preferences. Not surprising, …

Rick Santorum To Suspend Republican Presidential Campaign
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Rick Santorum today announced that he is backing out of the hotly contested race to be the Republican Presidential nominee. Citing things such as dwindling popularity and the health of his daughter, Rick Santorum is pulling out essentially giving the …

Romney Etch-A-Sketch Moment May Come Back To Haunt Him

Mitt Romney has run a pretty successful campaign so far, winning the Illinois primary just this week and getting official endorsement from Jeb Bush being some of the more recent highlights. He’s leading over the other candidates so far, although …

SOPA / PIPA: Orrin Hatch Withdraws Support After Blackout SOPA / PIPA: Orrin Hatch Withdraws Support After Blackout

Yesterday‚Äôs SOPA blackout is turning out to be an amazingly effective protest. After angry internet users spent yesterday calling and emailing their Congressional representatives (and even sending telegrams), support for SOPA and PIPA is dropping in a big hurry. Yesterday …

Obama “Clock” Redistributes Wealth To Developer Obama “Clock” Redistributes Wealth To Developer

When I first thought of an “Obama clock”, I imagined that thing that hung on my aunt’s wall: a cat with swinging pendulum tail and eyes that swung back and forth, frightening 5 year-old boys. But, with an Obama face. …

Compete: Meetup.com Helps Ron Paul Campaign
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The rabid fan base of supporters for Paul’s Presidential nomination run have made use of the Internet, particularly Meetup, to aid the candidate.

Compete Talks About Democratic Candidates

When it comes to the 2008 presidential election, you can listen to the smartest political pundits, or, if you like, flip a coin – the election’s just too far away to be sure of anything.  But we can form best guesses, and Matt Pace has done precisely that with an article titled “If Clicks Equaled Votes in November – Democratic Candidates.”

Compete: Republican Candidates Run For Visitors
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When it comes to who’s paying attention to perceived frontrunners Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, and Mitt Romney among the Republican candidates, the trio receives virtually equal visits to their websites. You’ll never guess who trumps them, and a fourth candidate, easily.

YouTube Debates Feature Republicans Tonight

After Democratic candidates answered questions submitted through YouTube in July, their Republican counterparts agreed to participate in the same format.