Mitt Romney: Hillary Should Be Judged On Her Own Record

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Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney had this to say about Hillary Clinton: "If ever she takes the road to presidential candidacy, her own record as the United States Secretary of State should be judged, and not her husband’s history." This was his response to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s statement that if Hillary Clinton seeks to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for president, her husband ex-President Bill Clinton’s scandalous affair with Monica Lewinsky must be re-examined.

Romney believes that in her case, the voting population will look at her record, and examine what matters: whether the U.S. relations with other nations elevated America and its interests or not. Whatever her husband did to embarrass the nation should not pull down her own merits, and it should also not be her responsibility to explain. After all, he says, Hillary Clinton has her own plans for America.

Bill Clinton admits to affair with Monica Lewinsky

Where is Monica Lewinsky now?

Sen. Rand Paul has been pressing the issue, suggesting that if ever Hillary wins, the former president would be placed in the White House again. Romney was firm when he said that Bill Clinton is not relevant in Hillary’s record.

When asked whether he would consider seeking a presidential nomination again, he said no, but he will surely give his support to the candidate he thinks will have the best chance of defeating the Democrat nominee.

Mitt Romney served as the Governor of Massachusetts from 2002-2006. One of his major projects as governor was to develop and enact into law the state’s health care reform legislation. The legislation served to provide constituents with access to an almost universal health insurance by tapping into state-level subsidies, as well as individual mandates, to purchase insurance.

After his term, he campaigned for a Republican Party nomination in the presidential election, but lost to Arizona Senator John McCain. He tried again in 2012 and won the nomination, but was defeated by current Democratic President Barack Obama in the election held in November.

Hillary Clinton's 2016 plans

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