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Jeb Bush Is An ‘Embarrassment To His Family,’ Says Donald Trump
Republican presidential candidate and former Florida governor Jeb Bush has received scathing remarks from the GOP leading contender, Donald Trump, cal...
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Santa Claus: Is He Ted Cruz’s New Pawn?
Santa Claus is being unwittingly used by Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign. The Republican hopeful plans to have the jolly man in the red suit on...
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Sarah Palin’s Incompetence To Blame For GOP’s Dysfunctional Activity, Says Bill Daley
The current candidacy of billionaire celebrity Donald Trump has caused people – especially Democrats – to question the stability and “sanity” ...
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Megyn Kelly On War Of Words With Donald Trump: ‘It’s My Job To Ask Tough Questions’
Outspoken Fox News host Megyn Kelly recently attended Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday as a speaker. The theme of...
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Bill O’Reilly Brings Donald Trump Back To Fox News After Mogul’s Boycott Of The Network
One might mistake Bill O’Reilly for someone campaigning for Donald Trump, but he might just really be flattered about being the reason why Trump...
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Jeb Bush Says ‘I Apologize’ To Donald Trump For Campaigning In Spanish
Jeb Bush has released a campaign video in observance of Hispanic Heritage Month. The video, “Todos Somos Americanos” or “We are all ...
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Donald Trump Mocks Asian Negotiators By Speaking In Broken English
Business mogul and Republican presidential front-runner, Donald Trump, made another racist remark in a speech he delivered during a campaign rally in ...
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Donald Trump Is Certainly Winning the Google Search Battle
Google Trends has produced an interactive county-by-county map of the most-searched Republican Presidential candidates – and it’s monochromati...
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Sarah Palin Shuts Down Online Channel, Another Sign Of Her Fading Popularity
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin recently announced that she’s closing down her subscriber-based online channel. The Sarah Palin Channel, whic...
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Kelly Ayotte Takes Early Stance To Defend Her Seat
Kelly Ayotte is already gearing up for her next political fight. The popular New Hampshire Republican senator is already being forced to guard her pos...
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Clay Aiken Facing Sabotage Of Congressional Campaign With Stolen Signs
On Friday, a man in Sanford was reportedly cited for stealing signs used in the campaign for congressional candidate Clay Aiken. According to the Lee ...
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Gene Simmons: Fox News Fan; Republican?
Gene Simmons, The Demon, singer and bass player in KISS, is a shrewd businessman. His unique attitudes about marriage, rock and roll, and his band are...
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Ann Coulter And Laura Ingraham: The Real Winners?
Ann Coulter and talk show hosts like Laura Ingraham are singing the praises of Dave Brat and his astounding win over Eric Cantor in last week’s ...
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Ann Coulter Calls Dave Brat Win a “Massive Wakeup Call” to GOP
Ann Coulter thinks Dave Brat’s recent victory over Republican incumbent Eric Cantor in last Tuesday’s primary election is a good thing for...
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Rick Perry Likens Homosexuality to Alcoholism
In his 2012 presidential bid, Texas governor Rick Perry was known for his verbal gaffes, perhaps the most famous of which coming during a debate in wh...
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Joni Ernst Wins GOP Primary in Iowa for US Senate
In order to achieve a majority in the United States Senate after the next election cycle, the Republican Party must win six additional seats. Fortunat...
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GoDaddy Executive Running for Arizona Governor
A former GoDaddy executive filed nominating petitions last week to enter the Republican primary for governor of Arizona. Christine Jones, a former leg...
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Tom Cotton: Ethics Complaint Against Arkansas Rep. Dismissed
The Office of Congressional Ethics or OCE unanimously rejected an ethics complaint filed on October 2013 by the Arkansas Democratic Party against Arka...
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Republican Politician is Slammed Following Racist NBA Tweet
Pat Garofalo, a Republican politician and member of the Minnesota State House of Representatives, came under fire over the weekend after making what w...
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Sarah Palin: A Presidential Run in 2016 is Possible
Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has been a busy woman lately. Between promoting her latest book, preparing for a new TV show, and speaking at the C...
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