Pregnant Congresswoman Announces Via Facebook


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Jamie Herrera Beutler, the Republican congresswoman from Washington's 3rd district, has announced that she is pregnant. The 34-year-old Beutler was elected to congress in 2010, making her the second youngest female in the current U.S. Congress. She is married to Daniel Beutler, and the couple do not yet have any children.

In a sign of the times, Beutler announced that she is expecting on her Facebook page. She stated that she and her husband are "blessed" and "excited" to be able to give their parents grandchildren.

The Facebook note, in full:

A few years ago when I was newly married and recently elected to Congress, I remember fielding some speculation as to whether or not I was “expecting.” Well… my husband Dan and I are thrilled to announce that this fall, there will be yet another person in Southwest Washington who will - for their entire adult life - get to explain “No, no, it’s pronounced Butler.” That’s right - we’re expecting a baby!

Not only are we blessed to begin building our family, we’re also pretty excited to be giving Dan’s parents, Paul and Patti Beutler of Salem, their first grandchild and to be giving my parents, Armando and Candice Herrera of Camas, a grandchild to visit only a few miles away. I am thankful for the close proximity to both sets of grandparents because like any new parents, I’m sure we’ll need the help!

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and encouragement.

Jaime and Daniel

Beutler isn't the first congresswoman to be pregnant, though the event is rare. Eight other women have become pregnant during their terms in office. Most recently, another Washington congresswoman, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, gave birth to a daughter in December 2010, making her the first congresswoman to give birth twice in office. Her first time giving birth in office was in April 2007. Similar to Beutler, Rodgers also announced her pregnancy through her Facebook page.