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Martina McBride Cancels SeaWorld Performance

Martina McBride is the latest musician to back out of a scheduled performance at SeaWorld. Since the release of the documentary film Blackfish, performers have been petitioned by animal rights groups, and encouraged to back out because of SeaWorld’s poor record of treatment for their animals. The film depicts the treatment of an orca that killed its SeaWorld trainer back …

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Martina McBride, .38 Special Cancel SeaWorld Performances

Following suit with six others that have also been scheduled to perform and recently cancelled, Martin McBride and 38 Special have refused to perform at SeaWorld. Since the release of the buzzed about documentary Blackfish, many people have become more aware of the some of the unsafe and inhumane practices that are done involving the whales at SeaWorld. Over the …

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SeaWorld Documentary Making Waves

SeaWorld continues to undergo scrutiny after the film, “Blackfish” was released. The documentary discusses the captivity of killer whale Tilikum and its role in the deaths of three individuals while revealing specific practices used at the park. The film made the list for the Best Documentary at the Oscars last week. SeaWorld claims the film is not an accurate representation …

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REO Speedwagon Becomes Latest Musical Act To Cancel Show At Seaworld

In an effort to expose the horrors of what goes on at SeaWorld, a documentary called Blackfish has created quite a stir in the media recently. Since being shown on CNN in November, the documentary has become more mainstream, and as a result, REO Speedwagon, in addition to several other musicians, have recently cancelled their shows at SeaWorld. The Blackfish …

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REO BlackBerry Is Going To Keep On Loving Developers

RIM isn’t doing so hot with BlackBerry. BlackBerry 10 has some great new features, but most of them have already been seen on other platforms before. We don’t know which direction the market will turn next year, but things are not looking good for BlackBerry 10. Even so, the folks at RIM want you to know that they’re going to …

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