SeaWorld Documentary Making Waves

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SeaWorld continues to undergo scrutiny after the film, "Blackfish" was released. The documentary discusses the captivity of killer whale Tilikum and its role in the deaths of three individuals while revealing specific practices used at the park.

The film made the list for the Best Documentary at the Oscars last week. SeaWorld claims the film is not an accurate representation of their policies and park life.

Not only has this been bad press for the Orlando park, it's affected their business. The park's Brews, Bands and BBQ concert series has lost a number of acts in relation to the bad press. So far, Martina McBride, Cheep Trick, REO Speedwagon, Heart, Barenaked Ladies, Willie Nelson and Trisha Yearwood have canceled their scheduled performances.

Not familiar with the documentary? Here's the trailer.

The only artists that haven't dropped yet include Justin Moore, Scotty McCreey and .38 Special.

Apparently all acts had received pressure from animal rights groups and petitions on in relation to how the marine life is treated.

Fans and supporters are in on the petitions, encouraging the bands for canceling. Followers replied graciously to the announcement REO Speedwagon made about their SeaWorld cancelation on Twitter.

YouTube users seemed to be in support of the film as well.

Jrandjanet22 said, "I do not mind zoo's or other habitats that help to save species, the difference here is that they are forced to perform to entertain. HUGE DIFFERENCE."

vegan truth6 said, "Boycott sea world!, Good people of the earth, please fight for these sentient animals."

Another user said, "SeaWorld and other water parks maybe fun to attend? However, it is completely against the nature of these amazing beautiful creatures to be held captive. Their genetics are to roam and discover. Held in a fish tank they go crazy. So Sad."

What do you think about SeaWorld? Have you watched Blackfish? Leave your reactions in the comments below.

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